Thursday, May 12, 2011

“Why bother Jesus?”

"The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked," (Proverbs 24:16).

When ‘to-do’ lists pile high, we have a tendency to say “Why bother?”

Why bother cleaning the house? It’s going to get messy as soon as the kids get home.

Why bother fixing supper? The kids never eat anyway.

Why bother calling Stanley Steamer? The Spaghetti-O stains will be back in a month.

It’s like skipping a pebble across a pond. As the stone gently kisses the surface of the water, a ripple effect occurs. The ripples in our lives can lead to a “Why bother” attitude.

For me, the ripples that push against the outer banks of my sanity are: not eating right, not getting enough rest, not having enough alone time, neglecting date nights, and diminished quiet time with God.

Why bother Jesus?

I have friends in the South who recently lost everything in a violent rotating column of air. Tragically, this heart stirring event ushered in a “Why bother” attitude about Jesus.

Why bother Jesus? Because Jesus can…

Move mountains,

Heal wounds,

Perform miracles, and

Comfort the broken-hearted

Scripture points us to people who rejected this kind of attitude.

1. As Moses high-tailed it towards the Red Sea, he could have said, “Why bother? We’ll never get across in time, (see Exodus 14:15-30).” Instead, Moses allowed waters of deliverance to drown any “Why bother,” attitude that may have been floating beneath the surface.

2. When Moses led the people of Israel through the desert, he was disappointed by all the grumpy people and by his ultimate failure. He could have chosen to say “Why bother leading these folks across a hot desert into the Promise Land. I won’t be able to enjoy it anyway.” But, Moses chose obedience and caught a glimpse of the Promise Land.

3. In Mark 5 a woman known as “daughter,” was plagued with constant pain and bleeding. Peeking through the crowd to see Jesus, she could have said, “Why bother Jesus with my problems. I’m not important enough to ask for help. Nothing else has worked so why even try?” I love how she leapt over life’s obstacles to get to Jesus in spite of her circumstances.

Why bother Jesus?

Because we can’t but Jesus can. He conquered death. He can interrupt our pain. He isn’t restricted by our fears. He sees beyond our limitations.

Maybe the question we should be asking is, “Why bother in my own strength when I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)?”

Is a “Why bother” attitude stopping you from responding in obedience to God today?



  1. Very timely word...this blessed me today!

  2. Amen! "I can't, but Jesus can" should be written on the palm of my hand!

  3. Jesus can that is why! We do tend to say why bother when it seems like things are getting rough we even say why bother with our faith. But after a person has tried everything else Jesus is the only one who can fix it. It can be hard at times for me when I am hurting to move forward for I want to have my pity party first, and the Lord is surely working on me in that area He is teaching me not to have a pity party but to move on. So I guess when I was having those partiess I was saying to Jesus why bother, never looked at it that way sis, thanks for sharing.

    Oh by the way I have a devotional site I started last year and I don't believe I gave you the link to it, check it out sometimes you be surprise as to what I am sharing there. have a great day

    The Devotion Cafe'

  4. I recently saw someone post something on facebook as to why bother the big guy with something that small. Oh that breaks my heart. God cares about us! He loves us! We are not a bother to Him. We are His children.

    Great post!

  5. Jenifer, I was going to say that! lol I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this post. I'm learning that God wants me to pray about everything. I don't mean that I can't even decide what to wear without praying first. But I know that we aren't to about anything, so we can pray about everything. I will pray, because like you said, I can't, but Jesus can. Great post!

  6. I love that verse... when you have your hope in Jesus tripping and getting up again is just part of the process... I am glad this is one of the things that sets us apart because I'm so good at it :) He can't be bothered enough by us and what a relief that is!

  7. I saw the same post as Jenifer and Lisa, and this article brought that comment immediately to mind! I tend to fall into the same trap sometimes unfortunately, only bringing things to God when I feel I "can't handle it", when in reality we should START with God and go from there.

    Great post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  8. I can relate to that recently. So easy to get discouraged, especially being sick all the time. And even more so when things become a disappointment. We're struggling financially. It just adds up :) I'm trying to keep my chin up, praying my heart out and waiting. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  9. Amen sister! When I can't (which is most of the time), He can!

  10. I have been struggling with a lot of "Why bother" attitudes myself. So much in my life has steered me away from the growing relationship I started with God this year. A relationship I know I need back in the worst way. It's time that I at least take a little "me time" and find peace to do His tasks.