Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walking In His Path

“Oh, that my people would listen to me! Oh, that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths!” Psalm 81:13 (NLT)

This verse challenges me this week. It sparks several questions that ignite deep within my heart.

Am I really listening to God’s voice?

Am I hearing Him and doing what He says?

Am I acting in immediate obedience or am I acting according to my own time table?

Am I walking in God’s path?

Am I still holding on to too much?

Are “things” I’m holding onto, keeping me from walking with Jesus?

We will never be able to follow Jesus without first listening to His voice. When you pray, are you pausing long enough to hear what He has to say? What is God revealing to you today?

This post was written in response to WFW at Internet Cafe Devotions


  1. Those are some powerful questions, Kelli. Am I acting in immediate obedience? I don't want God to say, "Oh, that Lisa would listen to me!"

  2. Great post and you what my dear so often we don't even stop to listen to Him, we pray and after we are done we don't stick around long enough to hear what He has to say to us. I know I use to be like that because that is what and how I viewed prayer but my mentor 20 years ago told me that when you are done praying and worshiping the Lord that I need to learn to sit still in His presence and wait to hear what He has to say. That changed my life and now I wait to hear His voice, maybe we don't do it because we always think we have to have noise and have it loud. Jesus himself always went to the still quite place to be with the Lord and He waited until the Father spoke to Him

  3. Beautiful,powerful post and hits close to home. I often find I need to ask these questions, too.

  4. So many times these past few weeks I have been asking these questions. I hope to receive answers soon. God bless you Kelli. Thanks for stopping by and I am following you also.

  5. Beautiful reminders Kelli! Thank you!

  6. Perfect questions...I have been asking and asking them...great image too!! This is just perfect!

  7. Need to put on the full armor of God every morning to withstand the fiery darts of Satan.

  8. I think if we are honest with ourselves we will see that this is not always so very easy to do. As we mature as Christians we are able to come back around to God's way of thinking more and more quickly though.

  9. This is great! I was just comparing myself to the Israelites yesterday. Though I've seen his miracles, I lack trust. Oh, to walk in obedience. He's definitely requiring me to pause and listen today then, ultimately, walk in obedience!

    Thanks for this!

  10. Great post and questions Kelli. I want to obey God but to do that I need to listen for His voice.

  11. Perfect questions we should be asking ourselves every single day! Thanks for bringing to light a couple I probably need to work on.... :(
    Have a great day, Kelli and be blessed,

  12. Such challenging questions for me to think through today. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. I love to talk to Him, but am I really listening to what He has to say? Not really...

  14. Wonderful post Kelli, and a convicting one for me as well.

    I've been rushing around so much lately that my times with God have not seen me waiting and listening in the Stillness for His Guidance after I pray. Thank you for the timely reminder!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  15. Blessings Kelli,

    Truly the questions you pose from this Psalm are powerful and challenging. Love the choice of the photo with this scripture and emphasis on the words!!! Precious little feet!

    Thank you for the reminder through reflecting on these questions to LISTEN to God attentively and FOLLOW! Thanks for your sweet visit to me.


  16. Good questions; thanks for the check up!

  17. Powerful post...this question especially pricked my heart...

    "Am I acting in immediate obedience or am I acting according to my own time table? "

    Guilty as charged!

  18. Questions that should never leave the front of our minds or the center of our hearts... but somehow they do... thanks for the reminder. I want to listen, to hear... to do and to walk in His ways. Love you!

  19. The one about immediate obedience seemed to be written in caps just for me. Thanks for your visit last week. I'm following you and Heidi now, too.

  20. Although I'm a week late, it's perfect timing to read this. This very line of thinking challenged me in a situation almost as soon as I got out of bed. I'm so glad we can seek His wisdom.

    Thanks Kelli for visiting my WFW last week and leaving a kind comment. Blessings!

  21. when I saw that scripture, I thought,"Those Isrealites couldn't follow a sovereign, righteous, all knowing, perfect God, what makes me think that my children are always going to be obedient to me....a mere mother....imperfect in so many ways!" Humbling
    Thanks Kelli...