Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fingerprint Path... It's a Dawna Day!

Why do we fight who we are?

Why do we want to have other gifts, traits, looks, personalities? 

Why do we want other people’s lives/ paths? 

These questions came while watching a movie with my children one evening. They got into an argument because they were picking what character they were in the movie. No kidding, my middle daughter was mad because my oldest daughter had already chose the pretty, popular actress and she had to be the boring sidekick.

I’ll be honest, I got upset.

I did the mom thing and told them to stop and that neither of them were “her”, it’s a MOVIE girls! Besides that, what is wrong with being you? They gave me the exasperated scoff and turned back to the TV. I kept thinking about it, and it broke my heart to realize that they don’t think that who they are is “enough.”

It got me thinking…. what does God think when who he made is not “enough” for us?

Does it twist his heart to watch us struggle to be everyone but ourselves?

I believe we all struggle with finding ourselves, but looking back in my life, I admit to looking next to me more than I looked up for the answer. I would see the ballerina and fail miserably. I would see the “smart” girl and fall short. Everyone seemed to be someone I was not, which I thought was a bad thing. 

I let Satan and society convince me that the person God made was “lesser and boring.”

I’m easy going... I should be strong, bold, and independent.
I’m nurturing... I should use my brain not my heart.
I’m domestic... My strengths should be outside the house.
I genuinely like to serve others... Not normal; I am supposed to want to be served.
I like to study and teach... I should have a higher goals, travel, and excitement.

We all have a journey, a personal maze made by God. A journey not only to finish but a journey to enjoy.  I think of it as a racetrack. Gods Fingerprint made special for every individual. Only I can finish the race he has set before me with my unique combinations of qualities and I have found out when I try to jump track onto someone else’s journey I wreck! I look back and see His arm as my guardrail through life, always gently bumping me back on track.

You will now find me embracing what and who God has formed me to be. I am easy going-- so what, I stand up for things that matter! God knew I would need domestic qualities with six kids, a husband, four Dogs, and two Lizards.

Thank God, I am nurturing, like learning, teaching, and serving. For my journey, they are the perfect tools.  I am learning to live life abundantly. I have learned to give it to Him.

Lord, I only desire to be who You see fit to make me. I am only able to be that which You molded me to be.  

My prayer for you, is that you're able to honestly look in the mirror and praise God for the person staring back at you..
YOU are good enough!


  1. Excellent post Dawna! We were created in the image of God. We are beautiful exactly as we are. I want to have full confidence in who I am in Christ. Thank you!

  2. God made us just the way he wanted us! Me, Being comfortable in my own skin seems better than it used to be. Society makes us believe we always need to be more and have more, but that isn't the case. We need to be comfortable with who we are and where we are in life because that's when God uses us most! Great post girlfriend!!:)

  3. I struggle with this too still. Being a writer opens up the door for so much criticism. But I'm learning to just trust God to take me where He wants my writing and stories to be :) Thanks for the encouragement!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  4. Extremely a great post! I believe we do tend to change things that we don't like about ourselves. God created us which means we are created perfectly, but many of us change our appearance, we change out bodies by making things bigger or smaller on us, we place tattoos and things on us. All because we don't like what we see in the mirror. But if we would only see it from God's perspective that He created us the way He want us to be then we won't mess with His work. Thanks for sharing and what a lesson your children learned.

  5. Oh Dawna, this really spoke to me - "Does it twist his heart to watch us struggle to be everyone but ourselves?" This is/was something I struggle with. I find someone who I admire who does what I am doing, then I want to be like them. But I'm not them - I'm me! God made me and chooses to use ME. He has a purpose and a reason and I am enough. Great post!

  6. Been there, done that and still struggling with it... BUT I am resting more and more in the security of who I am in Him. And by the way my kids do that too... drives me crazy! Great post!!!

  7. I struggle with this daily...I want to be someone other than me, I want to have things other people have - traits, qualities, talents but I'm me, I'm exactly who God wanted me to be. Thank you for this great post.

  8. I love this and only wish this could be "taught" to our girls in high school. So many struggle with this at such a young age only to carry it on through adult hood. Thank you for putting words to such an import topic - great post!

  9. Wonderful post Dawna! I think all of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy now and again, but you're completely right; we are how God made us!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  10. thank you for this post. My daughter is struggling with this concept now as well. I loved reading it.