Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sweetest Encouragement

Over the last year Kelli and I have worked to plan a speaking event for the women at our church and the women in the drug and alcohol program at the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission.  We flew in National Speaker and Author Jan Coates from Texas to speak to us this past weekend. Friday night she spoke to the ladies at our church and Saturday night she spoke to the program women. It was a success and huge blessing to many. 

I confess it's a lot of work planning an event. This isn't our first time, but it's really the same every time. You do as much planning as you can ahead of time, but it's in that last week that things really start to come together. 

Tickets are sold-out. Last minute details unfold. The loose ends flip-flap around needing a quick tie up. Shopping lists are made which require... stop after stop after stop with children in tow for this or that. Then there's decorating, food preparing, people organizing... and anxiety woven all throughout. 

Yes, I know... it's all about God. That's true of course, He's the primary focus, but when you're the ones that He calls to put it all together stress moves in and stretches itself uncomfortably across your mind and body. 

I compared planning an event to having a baby... once it's over you think, "I don't know if I want to do that again!" But, then a day or two passes, you forget all the pain and are left to enjoy the blessings of it all and you think, "Yes, I believe I will do that again!" 

I'm sharing all of this with you because someone sweet thought to encourage us. Someone unknown. And, we're so grateful.

At the end of Friday evening I became painfully aware of my throbbing feet. I stood most of the evening in high heel shoes... which I rarely wear anymore. I stared at my cute black footwear and thoughtfully considered the condition of my toenails before finally reaching down to remove them anyway. A few moments later I notice Kelli in her bare feet too and I smile. 

As we quickly cleaned up the last of our mess a friend brings us two bottles of Raspberries and Cream shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath with our names on them. She said they were left for us and didn't know by who...

You can see that I have already enjoyed mine quite a lot :) But, as much as I love the yummy body wash it wasn't what encouraged and refreshed my soul... it was the note... 

In case you can't read it well it says: 

Heidi Avery, You are desired and loved by your Beloved. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. --Galatians 6:9

The sweetest encouragement. 

From someone unknown. 

I admit there's a part of me that would love to know who it's from and it's the great big hugging part of me! But, then there's another part of me that because I don't know who she is I am able to simply accept that gift from God who knew exactly what I needed to hear. And, I am certain that Miss lovely and anonymous has found her blessing just by being His hands and feet.

Oh, I could do some prodding and likely figure out who "she" is and I thought about it, but I wouldn't want to steal her joy. So, I'll just leave it.

But, Kelli and I are both hoping that she'll see this and know just how special she is and just how very grateful we are. 

Thank you precious friend from the bottom of our hearts!



  1. Sweet, simple encouragement! I love it. Enjoy those bubble baths!

  2. Reading your blog today I just love the fact how the both of you are ministering to people, this blesses me so much.

    Understand sis Your labor is not in vain.

    God blesses you for what you because you don't look back for nothing in return. You blessed people God blesses you. Continue to stay under the spout where the blessings of God are pouring out!

  3. I love putting on big events and outreaches and such. It takes months, sometimes even a year, to plan. It is HARD work. Day of I think the same as you, I will never do this again. But after a good nights sleep, I am excited for the next one.

    I am sure your secret encourager knows how much you appreciate her special gift. As I am sure your event was just as much a blessing to her. God always knows when we need that little encouragement. It is very special.

    Glad your event was a sucess! :)

  4. I finally found a moment this morning after my Jesus meeting to read this. It totally revived and encouraged me all over again! And by the way my feet hurt so bad that night I dont think I cared what kind of toe jam was lurking underneath my super cute shoes that really hurt after four hours in them. I must confess a great sigh of relief when I too noticed your bare feet out in the open for all to see! That made me laugh!! You just can't feel at home in your church without being barefoot at least once!:) Thanks for the encouragement, for the godly friendship, and for being barefoot alongside me!

  5. What a sweet blessing from God. I'm glad you are able to find some rest now that the event is over. Jesus gives us perfect rest, so we lean on Him.

  6. What a precious gift; the friend who God used to meet a personal need. I love the way He works. Congratulations on a successful weekend! Sounds like many were blessed and appreciated your efforts. You two are an awesome team :) Blessings to you both and hopefully you can rest a bit now.

  7. What a nice gift...get some rest now! Events are hard to pull off I'm sure. The closest I've ever gotten is a T-ball banquet :-)

  8. Congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful and beneficial event. I have no doubt that your efforts were well represented by what the attendees gained. :-)

    And God Bless your "Someone Unknown" for being the vessel of encouragement to you wonderful ladies.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. What a blessing! I love those unknown acts of kindness. It shows they are truly just wanting to honor God and bless you and are not looking for recognition in return.