Thursday, March 17, 2011

Satan's Hackers by, Dawna

You can feel them creeping up on you in the darkness, hiding in the shadows preying on you while you are all alone. Sometimes it is in broad daylight, people surround you when they appear out of nowhere. They are evil, they haunt, they whisper, they entice, and they destroy!

The Bonds of Wickedness, they are cleverly disguised experts, Hackers of the Mind!

"Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am." IF you take away the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger, 
and speaking wickedness"
Isaiah 58:9

Did you see that great big IF? Pointing of the finger huh? Speaking wickedness huh? No, not us good Christian girls. Oh, ladies beware he prowls like a lion and he really likes the way we taste! 

Be honest... when was the last time you pointed a finger at someone in judgment? 

I did just this morning. 

When was the last time you spoke wickedness? 

I did while I was pointing my finger. 

The little devils are quick to enter your mind, and without Gods word and Holy Spirit chances are you would not even know you did/said something wrong.

What do they look like? Well, Bonds of wickedness come in a variety of ways; Slander, Malice, Gossip, Anger, Jealousy, Unforgiveness, and lying just to name a few.

Wow, with that list how can a girl break free from the yoke? We need a good weapon, in fact a great sword. God’s word can pierce every one of Satan’s lies. Think of it as a firewall that does not let the wickedness take root in our spirit.

For an example, I will use this morning when I was attacked by ugliness. I woke up opened my blinds to see my neighbors teenage daughter bounce out of their front door, wearing nothing but tiny shorts and bra/bikini top. She walked around her yard then rummaged around in her car, and at first, I thought burr, then Satan snuck in and I said, wow what a little tramp.  Instantly I pointed a finger at a young girl I hardly know, and judged her character.

Suddenly I could see Jesus drawing a line in the dirt... He that is without sin among you, let him cast a stone at her. Only it was not to protect me this time, I was the one holding a stone. I came to my senses and asked for forgiveness. I then asked God to bless her in many ways and began to think that maybe God put her in my view this morning because she needed blessings.

SO, the next time you are attacked, pull out your sword, and make all the demons run. In doing so that Yoke is broke, and if you listen very carefully, you will hear “Here I am.”


  1. Great post! And I love that verse and Isaiah. How often are we guilty of judgmental attitudes. No matter how fleeting the thoughts might be. Thanks for this reminder to protect ourselves with the weapon the Lord has to offer us!

  2. excellent post one must be very aware of everything, even in the simple innocent things we do one must be careful because the enemy can and will take innocent and make it evil.

  3. Awesome post, I was thinking about this the other day in the car, when I caught myself making a judgment or a comment about somebody else. Right now especially with bullying being brought to the forefront, I am trying so hard to teach my children not to judge or be mean or cruel. To love the way God loves and see beyond what the eyes see. What I really need to do is set the best example that I can and make sure that I don't do it either, because those little eyes are watching everything!! God Bless!!!

  4. Awesome post. Another something great for me to think about. Even when I'm not trying to judge, or don't even realize I know I do. I'm working on this daily, we don't want satan's little hackers in our mind so we have to get in the Word!

  5. It's so true, sometimes this happens when we don't even realize it. I've caught myself in the car saying things about other drivers and have had to bite my tongue. Just like PM Vincent said my kids are listening and I am their (imperfect) model of Christ. Thanks for this, great post!

  6. Great post today, really convicted me of something I need to work on. I'm convinced it's satan rearing his ugly head!

  7. Such good words this morning! I want satan to have any ground in my life. Thanks for the reminder to be careful of my words and thoughts.

  8. Great post....but ouch! This is SO convicting :( As I've strengthened my walk with the Lord, I've tried to catch myself BEFORE the ugly face of judgment appears, but it's very hard, especially these days.
    Thank you for these well-spoken words.
    Be blessed,

  9. Excellent post Dawna, and us men-folk are just as guilty of allowing Satan's whisperings of wickedness into our thinking as well. It's a poison to our spirits, and something we all need to be on guard against.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  10. We can't grow if we're believing Satan's lie...