Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a Dawna Day! Body and Soul

Do you NOT know 
that you are 
a Temple of GOD 
the Spirit of God 
dwells in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16 

Can you hear the tiniest bit of shock in Paul’s voice? 

The warning: "If any man destroys the Temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is Holy." 1 Corinthians 3:17

And, that is what you are... a Holy Temple.

My question is: how are you treating God’s temple? 

Like me, have you been focusing on being spiritually prepared for Gods calling, but neglecting “His temple?" Are you making his hands and feet strong, healthy, and ready for action?

I admit, I never gave this much thought let alone took action that is until recently, when I found myself feeling “off." I was tired, sick, and just not feeling my energetic "ready for anything" self.  I exercise regularly and am at a healthy weight, but something was missing. I started reading and doing a little research. I found what I was missing, the right fuel! If I were a diesel truck, I was putting unleaded in my tank. Ouch, I was headed for trouble.

What I found was something we have all heard: the human tank is to run on vegetables, fruits, tress (nuts& spices), plants (grains) animals (meat and dairy). Where had I seen this list before? The Bible! Yep, there it was in black and white. 

In fact, God created the fuel before he created the body; we were created to eat from the Garden of Eden.  Furthermore, nowhere in Genesis is there mention of a Cheetos factory, no wrapped food, nor was anything artificially flavored or sweetened. In the New Testament, it teaches that Jesus got tired, sat and rested by a well for water, not Diet Pepsi (my nemesis) he ate fish and bread, not a Power bar. Forgive me if I’m stepping on some toes, I would be a liar and a hypocrite if I said I ate perfectly. However, since learning how whacked out our bodies get from these man made factory foods, I have decreased them greatly and have not had a Diet Pepsi since. Pray for me! I do feel Much, much better, and am trying to eat as close to the garden as possible.

In closing, please remember that Denying oneself takes on many forms. We need to be disciplined disciples, and deny the things that desecrate his temple. It is important, that when God calls us into action we can act, not feel forced to say “Sorry unable at this time, my health is failing."  Some illnesses are unavoidable I understand, but many are preventable. I pray dear sisters that the Holy Spirit convicts you, of how truly special you are and that you are a Holy vessel set aside for His specific use.


  1. Excellent! Jesus want us to not only take care of our spiritual body but our physical body as well. In 3 John 1:2 says" Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. Now no one can walk around and say that they are not to take care of their physical body. Jesus want us to take care both bodies.

  2. We need to take care of our temple physically and spiritually. Great post Dawna!

  3. How did Eve make it without a Twix and a Coke! This is very encouraging! We must look at our bodies as a temple. We are here to go and make disciples and without faith fuel and food fuel we won't have the energy to do it!

  4. Great post, Dawna. Too often we do take care of everything but ourselves. But I can't do the work God designed me to do if I'm not taking care of my body - His temple.

  5. Guilty, guilty, guilty! BUT... I'm working on... or rather, HE is working on me. I will say that for breakfast today as I sit here I'm eating 2 slices of turkey bacon, an egg and some homemade 100% whole wheat toast as apposed to the processed bar that I usually eat :) I sense that my physical body and my Spiritual body have collided and the health of each is essential for the continuing growth of the other. Thanks Dawna!

  6. Eating healthfully is one area I've always struggled. I excercise but eating a balanced diet is something I really need to work on. Thank you for the encouraging post.

  7. I've just recently started back eating 'healthy' again. With 3 kids I had let convience overrun my good habits. But I do feel better and so much more energy for my kiddo's

  8. I'm so thankful for a husband that insists on healthy eating and exercise. Left to myself I think I'd be on over weight junk food junkie. I guess the Lord knew I needed a little help in this area! :)

  9. You know, I looked in Genesis again and you're sure enough right... No Cheetos Factory. ~sigh~ ;-)

    I'm afraid that this is one I'm completely convicted on. I need to work on paying much better attention to what goes in my body if I'm going to best serve His Plan for me.

    Thank you for the reminder, and a wonderful posting!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  10. Great post!! We do need to take care of our physical and spiritual wellbeing...with God guiding us all the way!!

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