Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Week Dedicated to YOU

(This frog is sick and tired!)

I love the quote “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Have you heard a stressed out mama ever say that?

I don’t know about y’all but I am sick and tired of Satan weaseling his way into my life and stealing my spiritual joy! I’m worn out from Satan’s sarcastic snarls of doubt that seem to knock the wind out of me at every turn. He's like the annoying dinner guest that just won’t leave. Do you know what I mean?

I’m tired of the Evil One showcasing my mistakes, reminding me of my shortcomings, making me feel worthless, and telling me I don’t belong to God.

These guilty feelings are wearing me out. Guilty feelings because once again I overslept the alarm-clock; I didn’t get up and read my Bible like I wanted to; I didn’t fold the laundry in time and now I have to wash the clothes again; I raised my voice when I shouldn’t have; I’m not self-controlled like I want to be; and maybe I stopped for My Little Pony Happy Meals one too many times this week.

Guilty as charged, sweet sisters!

So, I am dedicating this week to making us grace girls feel special, loved, and set apart. It’s high time we did, don’t you think?

Do you remember those “I am Loved” buttons? I think they were popular in Middle School. Middle School -- such a great time to slap that button on your shirt. Did anyone else think Middle School was awkward? I think only my parents loved me at that age!

Anyway, this button is my inspiration for the week.

I am loved. You are loved. We are loved by God.



  1. Love this, Kelli. Please don't be so hard on yourself. Remember that you are loved AND never expected to be perfect. Love and hugs, Debbie

  2. I feel the same way sometimes. I actually had a break down this weekend where I just cried and did things that I don't like! A side of me that I truly want to keep away forever emerged. It happened so quickly that I didn't even realize it until it was over and too late!

    Despite my day, I tried to have a good one today. I got up and watched church via live stream just like I have been doing on Sunday afternoons. The message really spoke to me. For the second week, it was something I needed to hear. Knowing I could pause the show and watch it later hit me dead on in the middle of the sermon. I just stopped the video, got up, and took my son to the lake and got a bite to eat! Some people may think that I should have waited until the sermon was over-- in my head-- I wanted too.. but my heart just told me I needed to get out with my son and husband and recover from my Saturday.

    Thank you for posting such uplifting things!

  3. Nice way to start a Monday morning! We are loved by God! Thanks!

  4. I so needed to hear this today. Thanks so much for the post. We are LOVED no matter what that nasty devil says!

  5. I have heard of that saying and used it many times. I do believe that when a person becomes sick and tired of being sick and tired is when they began to make changes. I know for me I would always do the same thing over and over and get the same results "NOTHING! and I would be so upset angry and had no one to blame but myself. Just like you did and we all do because none of us are perfect we will make a mistake and get it wrong. But when a person gets to the sick part they realize that it's a better way to do things we begin to examine ourselves and say "let's make a change" Good post and I hope others who read it will be blessed by what you have said.

  6. Hey Kelli. Thanks for stopping by this morning - gosh, wish I could take credit for the roses on my blog, but They aren't from my garden :( Hopefully, later in the season, I'll be able to bundle up a bouquet just as pretty. That picture was part of the bloggy face lift I did over the weekend.
    Have a great day!

  7. Kelli, this seemed to be the theme of our worship service yesterday. God loves us!!! He loves us so much that He is pursuing us. And His grace is more than enough for me. Amen!

  8. What a wonderful post today Kelli!

    I love the statement : "I’m worn out from Satan’s sarcastic snarls of doubt that seem to knock the wind out of me at every turn." I've felt like that quite a bit over the last few months, and you're right... It's exhausting.

    God does indeed Love us, and if we can keep our focus on Him, He'll tell satan to take a hike!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. You know my favorite word on those days (these days, today is one!) Forgiven!! I hear God whisper into my heart "Forgiven". I love my Jesus and I choose to "try" to obey him NOT because I have to but because I want to,,, and you know that Really ticks Satan off,, which makes it even more desirable. I thank God we have a good Shepard that will reach out with his Staff and drag me back into his path, all i have to keep doing is seeking him, repent return,, keep on keeping on! Kelli your beautiful,and God is SO with you,,, you don't have to be perfect that's his part in this story,, your doing great and he has used you to do GREAT things..We do need a celebration week,,,celebrate how far God has brought us,, not a week of how far we have to go... my love and prayers-Dawna

  10. i'm there with ya! never seen those buttons but they sure do look fabulous!

  11. What a great theme for the week! I am guilty as charged right along with you AND we are redeemed by Christ because God loves us! It's easy to say, but sometimes hard to accept... Satan does love that about us, doesn't he?! Thank you for the wonderful reminder today... love you!

  12. So grateful to be loved by Him!!!