Monday, November 8, 2010

A Secret and A Give Away

Today I’m going to share a secret with you about me. Later I’m hoping you’ll decide to share something with me in return and if you do I’ll give you a chance to win something fun!

Sound good?

Okay, so you might not have noticed this about me, but occasionally…




And don’t be mad, but I’m going to go boldly beyond that and say that you get a little crazy sometimes too.

Agree or disagree, but it is true that our girl brains work in excessive over-time and on maximum overload. Criticizing. Accusing. Condemning. Ourselves. Far. Too. Often.

Pointy dagger shaped thoughts are set to go off in rapid-fire through our minds. Bombarding us with lies. They come in the form of…

you should haves

how dare yous

and not good enoughs

Just to name a few. And we believe them. They consume us when we’re driving. Showering. Working. Trying to sleep. Constantly. They follow us around, twist us up and we hate it, but we take it. Over and over they stab at us. Making us bleed.

Turning us crazy.

And in order to survive with a single ounce of sanity in the midst of all this madness we must have a personal defense method. A girls very own got-to-take-it way of escape. I know we all desire to hold every thought captive to the Lord. But we wouldn’t have a need for that desire unless it was something we struggled with, right?

When I find myself all caught up in crazy I stop and pray. I read my Bible, talk to a godly friend or listen to good Christian music. Doing these things moves my mind into a necessary slow-down allowing me to release my wild thoughts to God. He sorts me out. Shifts my thinking. He roots out my untruth, grants me the clarity I need to detect it and the strength to reject it. Then He awards me with His truth to replace it and the irresistible urge to embrace it.

After that and sometimes in the middle of that I write. Writing it somehow connects all the jumbled up words and fragments flying through my head together in a way that points to God and transforms me. And even still my issues sometimes resurface for another go around. But we’re all making progress on our journey with Jesus, right? Fortunately we have free and limitless access to the most loving and incredible Counselor available. We all are in desperate need of little divine brain surgery. Agreed?

Okay, so it’s your turn! Godly girls want to know… what’s your method? How does God reign in your madness and give you the power to tame it?

And, for a little extra thinking motivation I am giving away a copy of Matthew West’s new CD “Story of Your Life” to one randomly selected person who leaves a comment. If you’ve got it already I am certain there is a sweet sister (or brother) in your life who would love to receive it as a gift!

*Winner announced tomorrow!


  1. This post comes just as I finished a battle, you see I had my female worldly emotions mixed in with Gods a puzzle in my head that gave me such mixed confusion that it took divine power to take the pieces that didn't fit.. out and put his word puzzle together. Times like this when I need clarity and need it NOW,,I have to be in his presence, I have to pray and read,,pray and read,sometimes I break out in song sometimes I sat quietly,,so the world can pass and my spirit can talk. I really don't mean to sound all profound or anything,this is what works for me,,plain and simple..I have to get with God. I am so very thankful he is at our side in the CRAZINESS of it all to hear us no matter how big or small.

  2. What a coincidence! (or maybe not) I woke up this morning with the Mercy Me song You Reign on my heart. I do many of the same things you do when the crazy starts to come out. Mostly, I just remind myself of who I am and who HE IS. This always humbles me.
    Glad I'm not the only crazy girl out there :)

  3. Sometimes its hard to reign the crazies in but being in His presence helps. Going to the word and usually talking to my daughter brings sanity back to me.

  4. I have a three second rule but it's not about dropping food on the floor. When I am under attack by the crazies, which happens a lot, I stop and pause for at least three seconds. In that three seconds God calms me, draws near to me, and gives me the strength to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit that I know is growing inside me. Don't get me wrong I blow it a lot! But if I can do this, if I can delay my crazy for those few moments, the end result is a lot more pleasing to God! Nice post!!

  5. I was in Utah this weekend and saw a highway sign for Reno and it made me think of and miss you both!!! Just wanted you to know.

    The best thing for me and my crazy is to put on my running shoes and run till I have sweated all the crazies outs of me! But when it's the middle of the day and I can't run away, I try to pause. Breathe. Shut my lips and whisper a prayer asking God to help my soul to calm, my nerves so rest and my mind to slow down.


  6. Thank you for posting what so many of us live with on a daily basis - it's not enough that we sometimes feel beaten up and conquered by the stuff of life that we heap even more negativity on ourselves. (If you're like me, it also comes in the form of a teen-aged daughter!!!).
    I especially like this: "Writing it somehow connects all the jumbled up words and fragments flying through my head together in a way that points to God and transforms me."
    Amen to it all!

    Hugs to you,

  7. How does God reign in your madness and give you the power to tame it? The "Crazies" to me are a form of being overly self-involved/egotistical in thinking that I alone am supposed to handle it all and endure it all. I look at my family, and stop and think about what miraculous things God has brought me through, and brought to me. Kim

  8. How does God reign in your madness and give you the power to tame it?
    I have to remind myself that it is satan telling me lies. I have to say that remembering that God created me in his own likeness and that I am good enough. I do pray and have even been turning off t he T.V. for more quiet time with him. Of course christian music helps me a lot. Gods message is powerful.
    God Bless.
    Wonderful post.