Friday, November 5, 2010

The Drive

I drive down a long stretch of highway.

I spot Jesus on the side of the road.

I stop.

He asks, “May I ride along with you.”

I reply, “Sure. I’ll pop my trunk. Hop on in!”

I’ll hide you there so no one else will see. That way when I pass by my friends, you won’t embarrass me.

If perhaps I hit a bump in the road and blow a tire, you’ll be there to change it.

Jesus shrugs and shakes His head in disappointment. “I’m not getting in the trunk.”

I suggest maybe Jesus would prefer the back seat.

We can engage in “small talk.” However, since I’ll be driving, I won’t be able to see your face. The windows will be rolled down so I won’t be able to hear you that well either.

Jesus says, “I don’t want the backseat.”

In a frustrated sigh I say, “Okay Jesus, you can be my passenger.”

In the front seat everyone will see you. We can talk with less distraction. You can even hold the map so we won’t get lost.

“Well, what do you think?” I say with pride.

Jesus is still not happy with my suggestion. He says, “Stop the car.”

We pull over.

Jesus walks around the car and opens my door.

He lovingly says, “Step out of the car and give me your keys.”

At this moment, we have a choice to either embrace Jesus or drive away from Him.

When we hand Jesus the keys to our life’s journey, He is no longer just a spare tire. He is no longer just a casual conversation. He is no longer just someone who pumps the gas or holds the map.

When we step out of the driver’s seat, Jesus controls our destination. He sets our pace. He determines when we stop and when we go.

Now, we are committed to following Him wherever He may lead.

We are no longer ashamed to be seen with Him.

We realize He is worth it.

When Jesus knocks on the window of your heart, how will you respond? Will you hand over the keys or will you keep on driving?

”A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” (Proverbs 16:9).

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  1. Embrace Him! It's a constant process of ripping our tight white-knuckled grip off of the wheel, but you are so right... He's worth it!