Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am a This Not a That

This post is in response to Bonnie Gray's Thursday Jam at Faith Barista. The topic is Thankfulness-Your Journey.

As I sit on the front porch, the cool winter breeze tickles my hair and teases my face. I hear rustling of leaves and swaying of trees. I close my eyes and bend into the wind. I inhale my life’s journey and exhale thankfulness.

Today, I am thankful that Jesus made me a “this” not a “that.” I am a “this,” a new creation; not a “that,” a broken person defined by her circumstances.

Several years ago, I was a that.

That girl who was physically abused in her marriage; that girl who was stained by divorce; that girl who tried to take her own life because she couldn’t handle the pain; that girl who shook her fist at God and walked away from Him.

Jesus holds me in these difficult places. The places...

I don’t think I can go on,

The pain aches too much,

My heart breaks too often,

Shame swallows me whole.

Jesus interrupts my thoughts. It’s not all about me. It’s all about God. I realize I’m tired of me and I want more of Him.

Today I am no longer a “that.”

I am no longer defined by my circumstances;

I am no longer a throwaway person;

I am no longer a girl who turned her back on God.

I AM a “this.”

A grace girl loved by her Savior just the way she is.

Now, this girl is claiming her promises...

I will find my Jesus when I seek Him (Prov. 8:17);
I have the Spirit in me (Is. 42:1);
He meets my needs (Phil. 4:19);
I can hear Him (John 12:26);
I anticipate His presence (Prov. 8:34);
I am complete in Him (Col. 1:28);
I am strong because of Him (2 Cor. 12:9);
He knows me calls me by name (Is. 43:1); and
I will forever stand firm in the will of my God (Col. 4:12).

Sweet sister if you feel like a "that" today, take comfort in knowing you are a "this." "This" dearly loved child of an Almighty God.

How about you? What's something your thankful for today?

“Then I will praise God’s name with singing, and I will honor him with thanksgiving,” Psalm 69:30 (New Living Translation).

Written Just for You,


  1. I am a "this" too - a girl saved by graced and loved by her heavenly Father.

  2. Kelli! What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it in such a creative way. :) I am a "this" girl too... always learning to move away from the "that" girl.. she sometimes wants me back. ;)

    What a jewel of a post for today's jam!

  3. Woohoo! I was a this girl and now I am a that girl too. Thank You Kelli! Celebrate!!!

  4. Thank you Lord for THIS woman! What an amazing telling of God working in your story. Thanks.

  5. Woo-Hoo! Praise God for THIS woman! Well said, and in a very creative way. Beautiful post!

  6. What a great reminder to view ourselves as God sees us, and not as we see ourselves! Thanks, Kelli. :)

  7. Most days I feel like a "that" girl but today I will be a "this" girl - THIS girl IS loved by God! Thank you for this!

  8. So beautifully put. Thank you for this post. I am a THIS girl. I am something special because I am made by the Most High King.

  9. This line got me to thinking "I realize I’m tired of me and I want more of Him." I continuously grow tired of "Me" of my thoughts and my ways, but God... I never grow tired of Him and I never grow tired of His gentle correction and His faithful direction. Being a "This" girl means constantly letting the "That" girl go because she seems to try to sneak back in. We have to be persistent in keeping our THIS girl status. Love your words :) Love you!

  10. This is a daily battle for me. The 'That' girl always wants to get in but I look to God and know that 'This' girl is saved and blessed to be loved by our Father. Thank you for the verses, I am going to keep them with me.

  11. Oh I LOVE this! It's so hard to forget to be a "that" sometimes :) Love your honesty!

  12. I loved this Kelli - So beautifully put. I may borrow your line someday soon... As I too am tired of me and want more of Him.