Monday, September 27, 2010

Broken, Bruised, Better: The Heart God Heals, By Kelli Zaniel

Sometimes brokenness stalks us. It steps on our heels and breathes down our necks. It chases us into dark, lonely corners. Its unforgiving snarls remind us of unspeakable heartbreak we thought we’d forgotten. Seemingly, it’s safer to accept the loss than to pick apart the pain to find the lesson underneath.

Sometimes we look behind us to see how far ahead we are, but it slows us down. Brokenness catches up, drags us through the mud and reminds us of the woman we used to be. A woman with shame written across her face and condemnation smudged over her heart. A woman tied together with only a broken smile.

Other times we escape the self-defeating clutches of brokenness. We see it for what it is—the past. Something, we can’t control. In these moments we see a snapshot of the woman we want to become. A woman who sees herself as God sees her. A woman who is confident God loves her just as she is (see Deut. 23:5).

When we feel the urge to run from the memories of a broken past, we must ask ourselves who are we running to? Are we running into the arms of a mudslinging world or into the healing hands of Jesus?

Our Savior is just around the corner. He stands in front of us with arms extended. He’s calling us by name. He’s challenging us to keep our eyes on him in the midst of our brokenness. He wants to teach us that brokenness…

shatters our will,

ensures our surrender,

recognizes our sin, and

changes our response.

The Bible promises that Jesus will restore us (Ps. 71:20); repair our brokenness (Ps. 34:18); carry our burdens (Matt. 11:28); and give us new hope (Lam. 3:19-20).

The next time we hear the heavy footsteps of brokenness behind us, we must focus on Jesus and sprint towards Him instead. We can’t afford to allow brokenness to lure us down yet another dark alley.

Remember, grace girls glorify God, not their brokenness!

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter,you will restore my life again;
from the depths of the earth
you will again bring me up.
Ps. 71:20-21

Lord, bend this proud and stiff-necked I, Help me to bow the head and die. That it may no longer be I, But Christ that liveth in me.
-Harold Vaughan


  1. A perfect word display of brokenness! I love not only that Jesus is waiting for us in the midst of our brokenness, but also that He shows us how to use it to glorify Himself. Awesome.

  2. And He comes to heal the brokenhearted ... turns our ashes into beauty.