Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eagerly Anticipating Him

As fast as you can say “Thanksgiving” it’s over. The very next day all things orange and red and brown wearily fade into the forgotten background of the world as the ever popular Christmas pushes itself into the lime-light making its sparkling, dazzling long awaited debut. Soft, glowing lights of every color seem to magically string from house to house reminding us of the upcoming event. Windows joyfully frame some variety of a beautifully decorated fir tree that soon becomes the center of unforgettable precious family memories. We can barely help but lose ourselves in lists and shopping and baking and celebrating… every single day up until the most eagerly anticipated day of the year arrives: Christmas.

I fondly recall the complete and utter excitement of Christmas Eve as a child. The quiet restfulness of my bed overtaken by insomnia induced hopes for Christmas morning. Santa Claus. Overflowing stockings. Piles of gifts. All mysterious and unknown, but filled with the promise of smiles and squeals and sweet splendor. And now as an adult I can hardly fight the urge to introduce my children each year to all of this marvelous wonder and delight.

But, in the midst of it all I remember what Christmas is really about for those of us who believe.

And the picture of what I hope for at this time of year instantly transforms into something very different. Something that is hardly radiant to the eyes of the world, but strikingly magnificent to those whose eyes stay fixed upon Jesus. Indeed the traditions of Christmas surround us, smothering us at every turn, yet we do not ever forget that He is our true reason for this season.

His birth and the hope that it brought us.

His life and the living example He is for us.

His death and the covering for our sin.

His promises and our eternity with Him in heaven.

It causes me to reflect on this consuming, hungry expectation of traditional Christmas that the world woos us into and the energy we pour into the handful of days leading up to it. And I nearly burn up with conviction as I realize that we should reserve this awesome eager anticipation for only one single day ever. His Word defines all of our hopes not just for Christmas, but for life

We have overwhelming Truth that gives us a real reason to exhibit such eager anticipation and it by far out weighs any impulsive passion we have for a mere annual and worldly holiday. That’s worth our excitement. It’s THE gift of our lifetime.

So, my hopes for Christmas are that in the coming days I would not lose this most important godly perspective. And in however many days we have left on this earth that our passion would unleash wildly for Christ in a way that forcibly moves us to stand unyielding up onto our tippy-toes with arms anxiously outstretched to His heavens in joyful, never-seen-before eager anticipation as we await the coming of our Savior and our promised life with Him in eternity.

**This post was written in response to Bonnie Gray's Faith Barista Jam, check her out...


  1. So beautiful!! Thank you,, my favorite part standing tippy- toes with arms anxiously outstretched.. Such a beautiful picture of eager excitement... He is SO worth tippy toes :)

  2. yes thats the right prespective ..anticipate the gift of our new birth and salvation in Him.. Christmas is such a delight!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I have been determined to make this Christmas more about Christ and helping others. I do not want it to be all about self. My kids need to know that Christ is not just half of Christmas but He is the entire reason for it.

  4. Me too....I want to remember Him this season. I want to teach my children that it's about Him not just them...

  5. Fantastic reminder as we begin the hustle and bustle! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, Heidi! Those scriptures really convicted me. I know this world is not my home. I look forward to spending eternity with my Lord and Savior. But am I eagerly waiting? Do I groan inwardly with anticipation? Hmmm

  7. Heidi, I'm with you. I want that expectation all the time. He loves and gives us so much! Thanks.

  8. Christmas can also be viewed as a celebration of Christ's birth to remind us to hold that Light in our hearts all year long.

  9. Love the verses. Great reminders. Great perspective. As believers we have to fight against our materialistic desires everyday. At Christmas, materialism is in over-drive thus making it difficult to resist. Seemingly its easier to get pulled into a season filled with ONLY presents and Santa Clause. I am trying to be more intentional to make Jesus the center not just during the holiday season but everyday. Everything else just falls into place. Christmas is just another way for us to fight against distractions. Distractions lurking around begging to steal our attentions away from our Jesus! I pray the He breaths his perspective into our lives so we wont miss out on the real reason for this season. Holy Spirit please kick in and release your power when we feel tempted and weak. Please help us to keep our eyes on Jesus especially during this precious time of Christmas.

  10. "Something that is hardly radiant to the eyes of the world, but strikingly magnificent to those whose eyes stay fixed upon Jesus."

    This is so beautiful.. you speak the heart for those who are unwrapping Jesus. Thanks for the verses you shared in this post and infusing it with your reflections, Kelli. So happy to unwrap Jesus together and anticipate!

  11. Very beautiful! I found you on a blog hop and glad I did. Love your page, very welcoming and pleasant.

    have a wonderful weekend and hope you'll visit soon!


  12. Thank you for sharing your heart in this post, but I gotta say, you've summed up my thoughts for the season in your whole last paragraph! Love it :) I want to copy and paste the last paragraph to my forehead when I go Christmas shopping!
    Beautiful and eloquent and always :)