Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Radically Blessed ~ Part Two

This is the rest of Monday's post. Thank YOU for joining me!

...The prayer begins.

They are personal, intimate, vulnerable prayers erupting from beauty and brokenness. Only the beauty isn’t found in the brokenness but in the One who is doing the mending. One by one every hope, every request, every offering is lifted into the dwelling place of God.

How sweet.

How fragrant.

Oh, how I feel God hovering in this place.

A soft spoken “amen” closes the session. Wetness fills every eye in the room. The most unguarded prayers offered by the most guarded of hearts. These twisted and tangled lives suddenly start to straighten. The mountain they must climb is so very steep. But praise God they don’t have to climb it alone.

As I turn to leave, one woman literally collapses from the weight of her sin. Sin that ushers her into a dark place only the light of Jesus can penetrate. Others wipe away floods of emotion that have dried along the edges of their cheeks. Some crack a simple smile as God’s perfect plan crystallizes into a focus they’ve never known.

I walk to my car feeling new somehow. Remembering how it felt when God paused for me. How he brought me to himself, held me close, and introduced me to a love-relationship that radically changed my life.

Overwhelmed by grace and emotionally exhausted from a string of beautiful prayers, I climb into my car with empty hands.


No study guide.

I left them for those who hung on every word, just as God instructed.

But even though my hands are empty, my heart is so very full.

God, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. Are you living in expectation and anticipation of seeing God right now?

I hope today finds you in absolute awe of God and the blessings he continually showers over you.



  1. Kelli, the only word that comes to mind is beautiful. Your obedience is beautiful. The presence of God is beautiful. The relationships He brings together are beautiful. Thank you for this post!

  2. Oh, I want to live in expectation of seeing God everyday. He is always calling to me, I just have to be still and listen. God's grace is just so beautiful. Redemption, mercy, forgiveness - what an amazing God!

  3. Beautiful once again...blessings rain down when we follow His leading for us!

  4. How humbling and exciting to be a part of God's bring people to repentance and reconciliation with him. The power of obedience!

  5. Hi Kelli - I love your last statement - "are you living in expectation and anticipation?" I can truly say I am. Thank you for your beautiful post. Really draws me in and reminds me how powerful prayer is.
    God bless

  6. Kelli,

    You write beautifully, and what an inspiring post to read, to hear about these broken and beautiful souls coming to God, reaching out for Him, I have this image in my head of seeing Jesus hand reaching out and grabbing hold of them, holding them and comforting them.

    Lovely words Kelli, and blessings to you.

  7. Oh, how beautifully said, Kelli. I'm certain that moment, that meeting of hearts will resonate with you for a very long time. And what a shining witness you are for others. May you continue to be a blessing in your ministry to so many. Love to you!

  8. Such a beautiful, intimate picture you've painted for us Kelli. I have no doubt that God's Presence is far bolder in each of these ladies' lives from the time in your group.

    Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. I love this... "Only the beauty isn’t found in the brokenness but in the One who is doing the mending." So true! God knew exactly what He was doing when He prompted you to lead those women... and I know it's all been one blessing after another, but that obedience that night obviously reaped His greatest reward on the spot in that prayer time... awesome! And what a blessing you have been to those ladies. Beautiful posts!