Monday, July 11, 2011

Turning it Around

So, here we are on our extended vacation in Florida that I mentioned to you all. My husband is traveling over the East coast, so we decided to just call this home base for a little while.

First, I want you to know that it is absolutely wonderful! The home is everything we expected and more. In fact, the first night we arrived at midnight the first thing we did was quickly slip into our suits and promptly jump into the pool!

What a sweet memory for us all. 

Next, I'll honestly tell you that there are some things that aren't exactly what I expected. 

Like, the rain for example... I did not realize that summer is the rainy season for Florida... especially South West Florida where we are staying. We're under cloud cover more than we're not and I can't count how many times I've walked into a store dry and walked out into a complete down pour. 

And, though I knew we'd battle the bugs here I did not really know just how many buggies were calling this place home. We race from the front door to the van to avoid a mosquito attack and then slam the doors shut to keep them out of the van.

The good out ways the bad without a doubt, but I'm learning that even so the bad can create a tone and an attitude within my heart. It can easily seep in and change the way I see everything. And once it's got a foot hold on me it is contagious and spreads to the rest of the family and we are infected. 

So much in our Christian life requires intentional work and dealing with disappointments is a big part of that. When a negative attitude invades our hearts and minds we must get into the habit of turning it around and fast. 

I have a little technique that is helping me. When things turn ugly I first dwell on God's Sovereignty. I remember that not one thing is a surprise to Him. Every step I take. Every hurdle I cross. Every drop of rain. Every single bug. They are all within His reach and all a part of His creation. And I can let them burden me or I can find the blessing in them. 

It’s a choice.

The second thing I do is make the only choice that completely snuffs out the negative. I simply find the blessings in my situation. They are always there, for example... I actually love rain storms and we get very little rain in Reno, so I'm thanking Him for every drop. The kids and I are finding joy in racing from the store to the car in a compete down pour... it's just water and it'll dry. And the beach is just as much fun and a lot cooler under clouds... the ambiance is serene and peaceful and I absolutely love it.

Turning it around is a necessary habit in order to Live Fully right where you are. The complaints all around seem to disappear and His glory abounds more and more. 

"The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all." Psalm 103:19 (NASB)

Living Fully in Florida and counting on…

31. freshly cleaned yard
32. precious prayers of a little sweetheart
33. how they play together
34. when little miss brushes my hair
35. sweet old men carrying real handkerchiefs
36. passing time with wonderful friends
37. the scale moving down
38. everytime husband comes home
39. making plans
40. rain falling all night
41. waking up to snuggling angels
42. daddy, who never wants to let them down
43. when mr. man reads to little miss
44. the way You cover my mistakes
45. the full moon
46. warmer weather
47. darling daughters place in your kingdom
48. obediently turning my upsets over to you and faithfully receiving your peace
49. my swimming superstars
50. thunderstorms and lightening shows 
51. screen covered pool with all the little buggies on the outside
52. super sweet mangos
53. juicy, delicious tomatoes
54. listening to little miss sing the Tangled soundtrack over, and over and over...
55. afternoon naps
56. fresh fish from the fish market
57. white sands
58. having husband (daddy) all to our selves
59. fireworks going off  right over our heads
60. our freedom in this country
61. better yet, our freedom in Christ
62. the ocean
63. giving up my fears and letting them snorkel with dad in the middle of the ocean
64. glass bottom boat rides for me and little miss
65. family fun nights in Florida :)
66. being able to turn it around because of You



  1. Heidi I enjoy your blogs because you always place a part of your heart in your writing. The good will always out way the bad...and by the way that is some list you have there, how did you come up with it? I call them the simple things in life that at times e do take for granted. Thanks for sharing yours with your readers.

    It flows right along with the blog. AMEN

  2. Heidi, I love this post and it is so good to read from you again! We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and I can NOT wait.

    I am learning, slowly but getting there, to praise instead of complain.

  3. I love your list sweet friend as well as your vulnerability and tenderness as you write each word. Living fully right where you are and embracing who you are is a wonderful lesson for us all! I miss your face to face encouragement daily but right now I will settle for reading it! Love you...great photo...

  4. Oh my goodness - you just wrote my heart! I can't believe how much this hits home: "even so the bad can create a tone and an attitude within my heart. It can easily seep in and change the way I see everything. And once it's got a foot hold on me it is contagious and spreads to the rest of the family and we are infected." Just got back from a horrendous trip to Mammoth and yeah, I guess you could say that my mood "infected" us all....ugh, a whole other story. I love the photo and love the way God revealed truth in your experiences. Be blessed :)

  5. Heidi,, You are such an inspiration! what freedom it is to lay it all down and bask in
    the goodness he gives so freely! You are so blessed and such a blessing, may god shine upon you in Florida and may you feel his warmth there on the beach! so happy for you and your sweet little ones! Love and miss you! Dawna

  6. Yay, Heidi's back! :) I love all your list, but especially the last item. We can turn it around because of Jesus. Great truth and great post!

  7. Thanks Heidi...very convicting! I had a big attitude problem today and I am wishing I had read this earlier! Thank you for sharing....
    Miss You!

  8. I love #63 even better our freedom In CHRIST, it is the best GIFT this girl has ever recieved. A blessing to stop by. Hope that Florida treats you well on the rest of your trip.

  9. Sounds like you all are having a great the list ;)