Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trusting Him

“Mom, why didn’t you tell me I was going to get shots today?” – The question surprised me as the words tumbled out of my teary-eyed 5 year-old. She sat staring down at the two Scooby Doo Band-Aids pressed across both of her red and swollen thighs.

Just moments earlier she climbed into the safety of my lap as I wrapped both of her arms tightly in my own while the nurse injected her with four immunizations.

I thoughtfully considered her question. There were two reasons why I didn’t tell her that she’d get shots today at her annual appointment.

1.) I didn’t want her to fret and worry all day long about what was ahead. I just didn’t see the point of putting her through all of that.


2.) I didn’t want to deal with her fretting and worrying… and whining all day long that she didn’t want to go… I didn’t see the point of putting me through all of that!

I hugged her intently, kissed her head, said I’m sorry and dove into reason #1. Then I suggested McDonalds and all was right in her world again.

As I drove away the thought of God’s plan for my life crossed my mind. I have no idea where I’m headed. What danger or suffering lies ahead for me? Fear of the unknown made a stealthy play for my heart… our financial stability… our health… my children’s future.

The list goes on until… I hear my own words echo back at me… “My child, I don’t want you to fret or worry about any of that… If I told you more than you need to know then your worry would just increase.”

And His familiar Word settled on my heart…

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds 
are steadfast, because they trust in you.” 
Isaiah 26:3

Just like I need my children to trust me to lead them – even when it hurts, so also the Lord requires that I do the same thing with Him. In fact, the path I take them on is completely dependent on my trust in Him. And the way I trust Him will greatly impact the way they do.

I want to get it right.



  1. Great analogy Heidi! Just like our children need to trust in us we need to trust in Him. He sees more than we do, He knows what lies ahead. Great encouragement.

  2. Love this Heidi! God desires to protect us and keep us from worry. We just have to trust that He knows best. I want that perfect peace that comes from having my mind set on Him. Many blessings, sweet sister!

  3. What a wonderful reminder that we don't need to know everything in our future. We just need to trust that He is in control and will tell us what we need to know in His timing.

  4. I love the shots story! We have ALL been there!:) I have been experiencing this same lesson. Trust me says the Lord, "For I know the plans I have for you." Not my tunnel vision plans, but his eternal vision plans! Praise God there is something bigger than just what we can imagine, if only we will trust. Great post! Love Kelli

  5. I love how you write sis. I hate needles and I am just like a little child when I have to get them..the reason is because my veins are very tiny and so when I get blood taken they have to use a pediatric needle for me....

    Bless you and your family and may continue to bless your heart while you share with us your readers and the world amen

  6. Heidi,

    Excellent post. I am with you, I have no idea where I am headed, I don't know what is up ahead for me. I want to be obedient, I want to please God, I want to get it right and fear has gripped my heart so many times, this is where I am learning to trust.

    Blessings to you Heidi.

  7. "In fact, the path I take them on is completely dependent on my trust in Him. And the way I trust Him will greatly impact the way they do." Beautiful analogy! Love this post and the way you illustrate our NEED to trust in Him :) (maybe a double cone of chocolate ice cream will help her forget the unpleasant morning :)

  8. Heidi, this truly spoke to my heart today... Thank you.

    Like we try to protect our children from things that we know will cause them pain and worry, we need to trust that God will guide, nurture and comfort us in the same way.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. Great post Heidi! I can identify with the 4 year old got them last week and I didn't tell him either!

  10. Such a timely message for me, Heidi!

    Thank you for the prayers and kind words on my blog....

  11. It is so hard as a mum of a young child to do things that are necessary but painful- we have been in a season of medical tests & procedures & I know all too well those big teary eyes, I love how God teaches us mumma's so much about His love for me through our wee ones!!