Monday, June 13, 2011

There Is No Perfect Formula

In the midst of hair-yanking fights and beat-on-the-floor tantrums, I realize there is no perfect parenting formula. There isn’t an easy step-by-step plan I can squeeze my family into that will eliminate the chaos bouncing off the crayon streaked walls of our suburban home.

There is no perfect formula but there is a perfect parent, God. He breathed important truths across each page of his Holy Word. There, sprinkled beneath the surface, are treasures to unearth that will help maneuver through the battlegrounds of parenthood.

God, being the ultimate parent, sets guidelines we are to follow; establishes boundaries we aren’t to cross; and takes disciplinarian action when appropriate. Even though it’s sometimes painful, his corrections are what mold is into the image of Christ. It’s what builds a love-relationship with him and ultimately with our kids.

As parents, we must get into the Word, find God’s formula for godly parenting, and imitate it. Period.

I like the way the Message Paraphrases Hebrews 12:4-11:

“So don't feel sorry for yourselves. Or have you forgotten how good parents treat children, and that God regards you as his children?

My dear child, don't shrug off God's discipline,
but don't be crushed by it either.
It's the child he loves that he disciplines;
the child he embraces, he also corrects.”

God didn’t create us only to leave us. When we veer off the straight and narrow, God always steers us back to himself. In just the same way when our kids stray away in disobedience, we must point them back to Jesus. The way we respond, the words we use, the actions we take will either draw our kids closer to their heavenly daddy or further away from Him.

These mommy-hood adventures are ten times harder than I imagined. Wouldn’t you agree? Some days spin like an out of control merry-go-round with jerks and yanks at every turn. Some days I feel as if I’ve hobbled off the Scream Machine at Six Flags complete with a disheveled look and crazy hair.

Even though some days seem well put together, while others unravel at the seams, one thing’s for sure… if we remember who we are and whose we are, we will absolutely get it right. If we follow God’s perfect formula for parenting, we will succeed in glorifying his name as well as raising God-fearing kids.

Lord, please help me to live with a Calvary love for my children, who sometimes aren’t so loveable. I so desire to be the parent you intended. Please help me to raise kids that are crazy in love with you. Amen.



  1. Oh I know the feeling of parenting when I was raising my daughter the first words I spoke was where is the manual for this? but through allot of trial and error and God's wisdom I didn't do to bad, all though my child would say different...Parenting is one of the most greatest things we can be and do for those we love but it has so many challenges to them...but in those challenges comes life lessons for us parents as well. You are so right Kelli God has the perfect formula to parenting and when we follow it we can rest a sure things will work out, not to say it will be perfect because it won't for children will fight against what we do but aren't we the same way with God we fight against Him when He is wanting to change us. Great post

  2. I agree it's much harder than I ever thought... I need Him so much more than I ever thought to get through it all. This is truly what it's all about though... "The way we respond, the words we use, the actions we take will either draw our kids closer to their heavenly daddy or further away from Him." That's our motivation... that's what grounds me and keeps going to Him for the perseverance and strength that I need. Great post... love you!

  3. Amen! Love this post and wish so many parents I know could read these words. Wish I'd known and relied more on God's parental support when mine were younger, still it's good, sound direction for every stage of parenting, since we never really stop being parents:)
    Thanks for another great post - be blessed :)

  4. Great post, Kelli. Parenting is hard, so thankful I have God to guide me through.

  5. Amen Kelli! I absolutely love being a father to my two boys, but there are certainly days where I look up and say "Really?? Really God??". :-) Thankfully, with our Heavenly Father's support and His "Instruction Manual", we have the tools we need to raise our children to be all that He desires them to be and at the same time, I believe that through parenting God draws us closer to Him as well.

    Great post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Great post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! :)

  7. oh Boy,,it's hard! But it is so good to go through it so we might taste what God feels for us...I have had those days where he has had to watch me scream and cry throwing tantrums on the floor,,, wow she's over reacting isnt she..LOL! When i find myself gasping at my kids the Holy spirit is often there to remind me of my not so glory days....thanks for the post... we have to hold on to God or we are in for it Girl!! love you..

  8. Great post! Parenting is very hard. But thankfully God is always right beside us. He gives us the best example of how to be a parent.

  9. "The way we respond, the words we use, the actions we take will either draw our kids closer to their heavenly daddy or further away from Him." I love that. What great motivation to rely on God and His example for parenting!