Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fear Not!! It's a Dawna Day...

I’m wondering, “Am I alone in this fear, the fear of showing my emotions?” For years, I have “sucked it up,” until I was safe behind my bedroom door and then let it out. It does not matter if it is angry tears, tears of joy, or tears of heartache. I close myself off. I am embarrassed, but why?

I am beginning to beat this fear, through a lot of encouragement and prayer. In fact, I am celebrating this evening; I did a huge thing for me.

My elderly neighbor passed away last night. Can I just tell you the lies Satan throws at you when you are a by-stander. Do not go over there. They don’t need you. I am sure they have all the help they need. They’re going to think you’re weird showing up with a coffee cake and coffee. You do not know what to say or how to handle grief.


I will not hide the love I have for them. I will not be a light hidden under a bushel. I found myself praying for the strength to go do, as I should, when I remembered Jesus weeping with Martha and Mary. He knew Lazarus was going to be fine, but had such compassion that he let it out. I am celebrating for the one that passed but have compassion for the ones left behind.

I stood up, grabbed the coffee cake and coffee, and headed down the street thinking of the love I have for them. I walked in and all fear left me, I wrapped the widow in my arms and told her I was sorry and that we loved her. I let the tears fall and opened myself to the family. They were touched; they were grateful for our prayers and were genuinely happy to see the cake! Lessons today…..Love never fails. Love always conquers! When all else fails bring a cake (my insert).

Satan is a LIAR!

Go on stare fear in the eye, and KISS it! It turns to putty!


  1. Amen Dawna!!! God calls on us to share His Light and be His Hands and Feet here on Earth, and that's exactly what you did. :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. You pleased the Father by going to their aid in time of need. The enemy loves to keep us in fear, he knows that when we fear we won't get blessed. But you rebuked him and helped your neighbor that is Christ love in the light. And I know that your neighbor was touched, you planted a seed and showed them love. That is a testimony of God's goodness glory to GOD!

    The devil is a liar and no truth lives in him...the heavens rejoicing thank you Jesus. and just like you did this you can do this with everything in your life. AMEN You blessed me this morning!

  3. We have that in common. I remember the day I finally cried on my husband's shoulder and for one second stopped trying to be brave or whatever. I still have trouble crying in public and get embarrassed when I do as if they will somehow see it as a weakness to be conquered, instead of the love that overflows in my heart. Great post! So many of the posts I am reading today are touching my heart and helping to heal it.

  4. Perfect love casts out all fear. Don't you just love it when you triumph over Satan? Kick him in the seat and march out the door. Love it! We can't let fear keep us from showing the love that people need to see. Yay Dawna and Yay God!

  5. Amen! I've been there; grappling with the enemy as he tries to steer me away from sharing the love of God. I'm so glad you followed your heart. Prayers for this grieving family, but Hallelujah for the soul who's gone home to be with the Lord.
    Be blessed :)

  6. Amen sister! Satan is the father of lies...and I don't want to be his pawn!