Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Satan’s Words are Alot Like Kudzu

Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough? Like you don’t make a difference? Do you realize those thoughts come from Satan? I don’t know about you, but Satan’s tyrannical taunts are like Kudzu around my heart.

In Georgia, where I was raised, the Kudzu vine grows rampant. It wraps its green ivy-like arms around everything in its path. Trees, telephone poles, homes--it doesn’t discriminate. Kudzu is a vine that when left uncontrolled will eventually grow over anything in its proximity. It kills trees by blocking sunlight, stealing nourishment, and stunting growth.

Satan’s words can be like Kudzu. If we aren’t careful, they can be growth stunt-ers, joy-killers, promise-grabbers, and desire-destroyers.

Maybe you too have heard similar whispers:

You can’t get up early enough to read your Bible - you’re a failure;

Look at you, you’re yelling at your kids again - you’re a horrible mother;

Your past is too shameful - people won’t accept you;

If you really believe in God, then why can’t you produce spiritual fruit?

Sometimes, these words take the shape of a small vine. They start small seeming insignificant. But after a while, self-defeating words begin winding and wrapping themselves around our vulnerable hearts…

Making us hesitate.

Making us question.

Making us believe we are less than.

Then we become tangled and twisted by these un-truths. And y’all, that is exactly what they are… lies, lies, and more lies.

Satan chooses a script he knows we’ll fall for. He rummages through old files to see what tripped us up last time. Then once we’re hooked he chips away at our dignity, our pride, and ultimately our hearts. Piece by piece, day after day…

chip, chip, chip.

We weren’t made for Satan’s cheap shots, we were made for God’s Promises.

We must untangle ourselves from Satan’s twine of lies. We need to reclaim our position as Jesus girls and secure our ‘princess with purpose’ status. We must walk in truth with our Savior and give Satan the boot.

We don’t have to be victimized by the Kudzu vine anymore. Instead, we can be “rooted in Christ” (see Col. 2:7); and joined together with the ultimate vine-- the vine of Christ, (see John 15:5-8), forever and ever, Amen!

So girls when Satan tries to wedge himself in between you and God this week, how will you respond? Let’s promise each other that when it happens, we will all say with finger-snapping punctuation, “I know what you’re up to evil one so take a hike!”



  1. Kelli I love this post! Satan uses EVERYTHING to try and attack us! We have to know the promises of God to fight back. Thank you for this encouragement!

  2. We can not be weary in well doing but of course we also need to continually evaluate what we are doing, making sure we are following His will as well!

  3. Kelli, God is speaking the same thing to me. My post for tomorrow is about this same thing. We must know and listen to the voice of truth, and like you said, tell satan to take a hike. :)

  4. Great reminder Kelli. Daily we need to remind ourselves of who God says we are and all of His promises. This is the only way to keep our roots strong and healthy.

  5. This is for me today. I was having a little issue with Satan earlier today but God brought me through it. Thank you for this!

  6. Awesome post! Satan wants to tear us down and out of communion with God. I pray that I can keep God's Word in my heart.

  7. I loved this post Kelli! (Although I'm still not one of the girls... lol)

    The statement: "We weren’t made for Satan’s cheap shots, we were made for God’s Promises." is wonderful, and oh so true! He tries to grow in us through those "little" doubts and lies, but God's Word can uproot them when we let them!

    Thank you for this, and have a Blessed Day!

  8. great message the enemy loves to trick us in many ways that is way it is so very vital that we know who's voice we are really listening to..Because we will even listen to our own voices and be totally out of the Will of GOD!

  9. That's exactly where I was last week - wrapped up in kudzu!!!! Even when I recognize that it's the firm grip of the enemy, it's still difficult to break free. Thank you for this and for offering encouragement to so many of us who need this reminder each day.

  10. "We weren’t made for Satan’s cheap shots, we were made for God’s Promises."

    so true!! thank you for this... I needed this word today.

  11. Until an unexpected surprise interupted my day I was surrounded by kudzu. I love how God cleans house. He knows exactly what we need when we need it ;)

  12. Amen! Satan has no place in my life! Hit the road jack!

  13. Speaking of words, I have to tell you this before I forget and my mind goes on to something else. On Sunday after you gave your Laughter & Latte pitch, Rachel leaned over to me at church and said "I love her accent." She will probably adopt it for one of her theater characters now.

  14. I confess, I did not know what Kudzu was, but it sounds exactly like what Satan tries to do to us! I'm so glad that He's given us the power to be free from sins attempts to strangle us!

  15. This is so true. I got tripped up by satan last night even. I've been walking in a healing right now and last night was bad. First thing I'm running scared worried my good time is over. I'm so glad I popped over here this morning, Kelli!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting the JOE (Jewels for Encouragement) blog yesterday and for posting our button on your site. Blessings on your day!