Friday, February 11, 2011

GUEST POST from Lisa at A Moment with God

About the Author: I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years and we have three beautiful children. I home school my youngest son and help my husband with his business. I am actively involved in our church and have just begun leading worship.  I also lead a womens Bible study. Basically, I'm just an ordinary woman who desires to be available for use by God to do extraordinary things. I started A Moment with God as a way to share the daily devotions I felt God was giving me.  


I home school my son and we have been blessed this year to be able to use Christian curriculum.  We are studying the history of the world in Christian perspective.   Our lessons have recently focused Abraham's journey from Ur to the land of Canaan.   

Currently we are reading about the different cultures of Mesopotamia.  These cultures had some great accomplishments like the wheel, irrigation and writing.  But they didn't serve the Living God.  Instead, they served many gods; gods of their own creation.  The Sumerians, for example, made their gods resemble humans not only in appearance, but in actions as well.  Their god Anu, god of the sky, supposedly ruled other gods, but was constantly threatened by rebellion from the other gods.  I started thinking about this.  If you are going to create a god to worship, why would you give it limited power?  Why would you make it susceptible to being overthrown?  Why would you make it fallible?

Then God spoke to my spirit.  Don't we do the same thing with Him?  We didn't create God, but we create a version of Him.  A god of our understanding.  We limit His power because we don't fully understand who HE is.  

Don't limit God by your limited understanding of who He is.  

Go deeper with God.  Seek Him with all your heart and He will be found.  My soul is still crying out for more.  I want to know Him in all His glory.  I want to discover all I can about this God who is so in love with me.  I pray this is your desire too.  Just a closer walk with Him.

Thank you Lisa for encouraging us today with what God has laid on your heart! For more from Lisa visit her at A Moment with God!


  1. Great seeing you over here sweet sister! Yes, we do limit God. He is all powerful. We should never limit Him, we should go deeper. That is what I crave, to go deeper with God. Thank you for this post.

  2. Just finished reading a post on the same topic (I'm sure you probably saw it too)! I think God is trying to tell me to stop trying to put Him in a human box---He will not fit! Great things to ponder over the weekend!

  3. Wonderful point Lisa! While we can't actually limit God's Power, by putting him into the "box" of our limited comprehension, we can certainly limit our ability to let Him guide us. The more we discover His Glory, the bigger our box gets!

    Have a Blessed Weekend Lisa!

  4. I am Guilty, I lived a long time with a preconceived notion of what god wanted and who he was, boy was I wrong, and SO glad that I was because i had limited him. I now know him, but also understand I will spend this life and the next discovering more of him, and Love this real genuine ride of Love!

  5. It's easy to limit Him like that isn't it?! I think it's because we have to imagine beyond our own thoughts what HE (big as HE is) can or will do. We limit Him because we don't feel worthy of what WE think He could do in His greatness. But... limiting Him only limits what we are able to see... because He can not be limited and will do what He will do, we just may miss it :) LOVED your post today... thanks for hanging out over here sweet friend!

  6. If we don't know Him we can't serve Him very well can we?