Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm NOT Working Out!

My resolution this year is NOT to work out. But before y’all lay down your dumbbells, toss aside your jump ropes, and kick the exercise balls to the curb…please hear me out.

I’m not saying we Jesus girls don’t need a little strengthening and toning. I’m not saying we shouldn’t work out this year. And I’m not saying exercise is bad—because studies show it promotes healthy living.


What I am doing is presenting a challenge for us work-out kings and queens.

The question is do you work on your outward beauty more than your inward beauty? Are you spending more time working out your body than working out your faith?

Confession: I didn’t exercise the entire year of 2010-- unless you count chasing kids and running up and down stairs with 10 pounds of laundry (for the record, I totally count this). For me personally, the more I exercise the more I focus on me.

Do my hips look good in these pants now that I’ve done all those leg lifts?

Is my stomach flat after all those crunches?

Why do I still see dimples when I’ve been working so hard?

Seemingly, time I spend on me is time I don’t spend with God.

You may not have this issue, but for me it works.

The point of 1 Timothy 4 verse 8 is to challenge us in the area of gospel training. Even though working out is good for the body, getting into God’s Word is even better for the soul.

Resolution: This year, let’s make sure our physical toning isn’t taking priority over our spiritual tuning.

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  1. Great post! I love when you asked are we working on our outward beauty more than our inward. Wow. I had never thought of that. I want my inward self and relationship with God to be healthy, strong and well maintained.

    BTW, chasing kids is SO working out! ;)

  2. Love this post!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me at Jeremiah 29:11. I'm following you from Word Filled Wednesday, too!

  3. Fantastic WORD Kelli!! It's something that I've been taking with me into the New Year as well! Who and WHAT is it for?? Such great thoughts!! Love it and blessed by it!

  4. Love this post! I think everyone could use a little work out on the inside! It is great to have a healthy spiritual inside!

  5. Great words to think about. I used to have a huge hang-up with body image when I was a teen and actually struggled with an eating disorder and chronic excercise for a season. I need to be on guard as to the reasons I work out now. For me, running is my thinking time and praying time. I do it because it's my time to hang out with the Lord and not because I am worried about how I look on the outside. Thank you for sharing these words. We all need to constantly be evaluating our motives!

  6. I've struggled with this as well. When I make exercise a priority, Bible reading often falls to the wayside. My hope is to be able to put God first, and all that other stuff will fall into place as well. I want to be healthy spiritually and physically!

  7. EXcellent Post and very well spoken, it is thought provoking. May all who read it be blessed

  8. I totally agree! Again, man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. God is not impressed at all with our physically toned body when our spirit is weak and lifeless. Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God, then all these things will be added as well. Don't you think that if we were completely consumed with God, our outward appearance would change as well?

  9. Spiritual toning is vital... thanks so much for the reminder!

    Happy Word-filled Wednesday!

    Joy & Blessings,

  10. Great reminder of where to put our energy and focus. Perfect for the start of a new year. Blessings to you!

  11. This is so true... "Seemingly, time I spend on me is time I don’t spend with God." And, this is truth to live by... "Even though working out is good for the body, getting into God’s Word is even better for the soul." Such an encouraging and motivating post, love,love,love it!!!

  12. Loved this! Absolutely true!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy WFW!

  13. You make such great points here! What a great post and thoughts to ponder. BTW, I ALSO count those trips up and down stairs hauling laundry!

  14. Excellent point Kelli.

    While keeping our bodies healthy is certainly important, overall health in my opinion also includes emotional and spiritual wellness. If we don't have God's Word in our hearts and His Voice in our ears, then the whole of our being suffers.

    Thank you for a wonderful post, and have a Blessed Day!

  15. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, constantly busy dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and helping with grandkids, I do a LOT of counting on the grandkids to keep me in shape physically (lots of playing tag in good weather and Wii Fitness tennis and bowling games in bad weather) and spiritually (how can I teach them to FROG - fully rely on God - if I am not? :) ). Sometimes though, I have a few busy days where I'm home more than babysitting. Then you might find me pedaling on my mini exercise bike while reading my daily Bible study. (Can you tell that multi-tasking is another vital tool for me. :) ). Thanks for an interesting and thought-provoking Word-Filled Wednesday!

  16. HA! I was going to work out, now I'm gonna go read my Bible!
    Thanks Kelli!

  17. Great post to reflect. Thank you for stopping by my blog, i am still a work in progress when it comes to this issue, i thank God for He's changing me everyday instead of focusing more of myself, He's teaching me to focus on Him alone.

  18. Blessings Kelli...what a great Word for us and the message is powerful! Guess you can count me in more with the inner training than the outer but I for one, would count your running up and down stairs with laundry and after kids as exercise! Love the points you made!

    I admire your goal to do JAMES!!! Bravo!
    I noticed that right away and that Ann V. is doing Colossians! I'm just thankful for my 24 verses in a year. But I think that's a great plan to do an entire book! Both letters are great, though I like Ephesians... hmmmmmm... maybe next year! Guess I need to work on both in a good balance... healthy and wise! Wonderful mission you MOMS have together!

    Peace and JOY,

  19. excuse for me not to exercise!! Whoo-Hoo! Just kidding...but you hit the nail on the head. At the Passion conference this weekend both David Platt and Frances Chan were there. If you know anything about either one of them, you know that they have both visited persecuted Christians in other countries....WOW and here we are worried about our weight and how our hips look! This pretty much slapped me in the face. I've battled with the scale for years and just hearing them talk about how others are suffering for our Jesus...there are no words.
    So I'm with you! I am focusing all of my extra time and energy on Him and getting to KNOW Hima and His word...serving His people and my fellow man...

  20. I use to work out but my body just doesn't want to do that anymore. I do need to work on my inner self and walk with God. Great word.

  21. Awesome stuff! Gotta keep spiritually fit! :)

  22. Thanks for the encouraging words.... yes it is true.

  23. Priorities, priorities! My husband's priority for me is to work out so I think even though it's not my main goal in life, I will get back on that wagon! :)

  24. Great post! My mind wants to work out but my body doesn't seem to groove with the same desire. I like the heart working out first!

  25. Found your website from my friend Marlo's at Sugar tails. We are the family with the "one less orphan" shirt. Thanks so much for putting it on your blog! We are thankful for how the Lord has spread the word of our adoption need! Thanks so much!


  26. great thoughts! May I work more towards God's Glory! Amen!

  27. Amen, wonderful WFW! He has promised when we put Him first,all other things will be added unto us!