Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sudden Terror

This is a partial picture of my darling boy. And yes, that’s a bee creeping along on his amazingly still hand. His father told him not to be afraid of bees. He instructed him to just stay calm and the bee would not bother him. I had to take a picture to keep myself busy because it took everything in my mommy blood to keep from batting that bee away. I watched in awe as Robbie stood motionless and completely unafraid. When the bee landed on his hand he peacefully observed it crawl around and eventually fly away.


Being from Texas I’ve had my fair share of surprise insect run-ins. As a kid I can’t tell you how many times super-sized, stealth-like, buzzing insects have launched an attack mission on pig-tailed, bike-pumping me. I’m no stranger to poisonous scorpions, spiders, fire ants, chiggers, mosquitoes, swarming wasps and of course bumblebees.

I’ve had a tick removed from my head with a match and… brace yourself… I’ve even flushed an unsuspecting, disgusting cockroach out of my ear with full-blast faucet water in the middle of the night.

Let me say it for you…EWW… the thought of it still makes me cringe. I slept with earmuffs for a very long time after that and I am convinced that I suffer mental instability due to that one incident!

Needless to say I really dislike all things buggy and especially all things stingy. To this day they still evoke sudden terror in me. I know… just bugs, but still I don’t like them.

But what about things that really threaten us? Unexpected things. Like…

losing your job or your home

unforeseen health problems

sudden or accidental death of a loved one

you fill in the blank… the list goes on and on

Life launches surprise attacks on us every day. Are you prepared to enter into the unpredictable and do what your heavenly Father instructs you to do? Can you be unafraid? Unmoved? Do you trust Him in your sudden terror?

We know well that He is at work and that He will lead… but we must wait and see.

He’s proven to us that He is our comfort and our refuge in times of trouble… but we must stop and seek.

Because in our sudden terror when we wildly react in our own strength we often make matters worse. When a bee lands on me I break into a crazy dance, arms flailing, body shaking and I scare the bee… provoking it to attack… I make it worse. He tells us to be still and unafraid for long enough to remember that He is God.

It’s a trust thing. A faith thing. It’s a God thing.

I want it all, don’t you?

This is posted in response to Word Filled Wednesday at Internet Cafe Devotions!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! As a fellow Texan I can relate to this post SO MUCH! Haha I'm also terrified of the creepy crawlies that call this state home.
    I can also relate to the rest of the post. Honestly, many of the decisions that my husband and I have made (getting married, moving suddenly, having a family, etc...) have been pure leaps of faith.
    And tell your son he has so much respect from me...I don't know that I could be still and brave with a bee on me! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, a cockroach in the ear??? You poor thing - I completely understand about the ear muffs!
    I love how you transition from something we can all identify with to the much broader scale. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and wisdom in this way - you are a blessing to so many :)

  3. Love this - It’s a trust thing. A faith thing. It’s a God thing. I need it to be a God thing! I desire to be still and know that He is God. We don't have to fear the sudden terror - Thank You Jesus! Oh, this was so good!

  4. First off, I do not like bugs and the thought of a roach in my ear makes me shiver! Yuck.

    Faith in God is so important. SOmetimes things happen in our life to make us practice our faith. But God has plans for us. Good plans. He will not harm us or leave us. He is always there. Thank you for this!

  5. I have done that bug dance more times than I can remember!! Australia must be alot like Texas!
    Wonderful post Heidi, peace in the arms of The Father in the middle of fear keeps that overwhelming panic away- but oh so many times I do the dance & make it worse!
    Great post thank you,
    In His Joy,

  6. Mmmm....sounds alot like me...arms flailing, marching up and down the area so the bee won't settle...did you know bees bite? I had them crawling on my toes one day.

  7. It's so cool that these are called "sweet comments". When I had to face the unforeseen health problem, it was completely unexpected. It is His thing with me. He's shown me so much of himself through it all. Every year I heal more and every year I know Him more. He really loves me. Me! I still can't get over that.

  8. Great words to never know how you're going to react to the unexpected but I pray that I can be centered in Him and KNOW that He is God.

  9. Oh my! That picture alone raised my blood pressure....I am like you Heidi. I see a bee and I turn into a ninny. Losing all control I run for my life, screaming like a banchee. What a great parallel for our lives. Every time I get any where close to a bee, I will think of Him now, the peace that only He can give in a storm. Oh,and probably that brave little boy of yours too...unfortunately I think I have passed my phobia right on down to my boys :(

  10. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you even spoke about the cockroach. It took two years of friendship for you to even be able to tell that story (without itching your ear);)! Cool picture. my girls would have flipped out to see a yellow jacket on their arm!!