Monday, November 22, 2010

Star Quality

Do you ever find yourself mentally challenged by the tasks set before you? You know, the daunting jobs that you have to do, but really don’t want to.

I do.

For example, I am less than thrilled about…

Getting up early.

Grocery shopping with my children.

Paying bills.

And cleaning, um… anything.

In fact I have grumbled to my husband about getting up earlier than I want to. I’ve also argued with him about paying the bills because he’s the numbers person, not me. And I am certain that I have whined into the sympathetic ears of my girlfriends about all of these things.

But honestly it never does feel right. Oh, don’t get me wrong in the moment it feels just right. It’s after, in the quiet mental reflection that gets me every time.

It’s the glimpse of the guilty woman in the mirror that gets me every time. Guilty of selfishness. Guilty of ungratefulness. Guilty of complaining when I have every believer’s reason to rejoice.

It’s the Truth that gets me every time…
As aware as I am of the things that I do not want to do I can not risk losing sight of the things that I do want to do, like…

standing blameless and pure,

shining like a star

and holding firmly to the Word of life.

J. Vernon McGee paints the picture beautifully, “When we go out at night we see the stars up there. When God looks down on this dark world, He sees those who are His own as little lights down here.”

We are stars, yes, but our star quality constantly comes into question. Are we dull and dim, weary and washed out by the temporary or do we have a shimmering, sparkling radiance about us because of what awaits us in eternity?

Every time we fight the nagging urge to groan at our portion in this life our star quality increases. We dazzle more brilliantly against the troubled backdrop of this bleak world. And we maintain our unblemished position as children of God.

Instead of looking at our not-so-great jobs with dread and disdain lets be radical by delighting in them and embracing them as an opportunity to enhance our star quality.

You are a star. I am a star. Unlike the world. Imperfect to most, but unique to One. We are stars. And we shine for Him.

Father, forgive us for the complaints that seep out of our hearts and off of our tongues. God we desire nothing but to be the shining little lights in this world for you to look down upon. Lord, thank you for your Word and for your Grace and for the Hope that we have in You.


  1. What a beautiful post, my friend. It left a word-picture in my mind that I'll think about anytime I'm about to grumble. I want my light to twinkle brightly too. Love McGee's quote too. Keep writing... tight squeeze... Cindi

  2. Wonderful post! I find myself complaining far too often. I find that when I focus on doing something as though I am doing for Christ (you know, scrubbing the toliet as though Christ were going to sit on it), it is easier to complete the task with complaining. We must keep our focus on Christ. Thank you for this post!

  3. Thank you for this sweet reminder. We we grumble and complain we are denying God's blessings in our life. I want to shine brightly for Him. We are to be SON reflectors.

  4. I like this, "Imperfect to most, but unique to One." God sees underneath all our imperfections. Isnt it awesome we are made perfect in Him? Love that! I like the verse too. Its hard sometimes to do everything (much less some things) without arguing and complaining. That's one I have memorized to help me in "heart grumbling" moments!

  5. Wow - that's exactly the scripture I needed to hear. Lovingly convicting! Thank you for such a beautiful post. Have a great Thanksgiving!