Friday, October 29, 2010

This Little Light...

God has brought you out of darkness into His marvelous light. Now you must tell all the wonderful things that he has done, (1 Peter 2:9, cev).

Little droplets of fire float down and kiss the earth.

Sparks dance across the dark sky like poetic magic.

Fairy dust seems to shoot behind them.

They breathe light into darkness.

Mayonnaise jar and top in hand, I catch the luminescent lightening bugs.

After capturing them, I feel as if I own a little piece of the moon.

The jar full of blinking bugs is now a shimmering lantern.

Without them, the sky isn’t quite so bright.

The bugs are dazzling as they buzz around each other in the jar.

However, the rest of the sky is empty without them.

Their beauty is no longer visible to the rest of the world.

Just like the lightening bugs, we must release our light back into the dark corners of a society that is suffocating without Jesus.

We must fly away from the familiar and swarm around the unfamiliar.

We must move beyond the church steps and into the blackness of an unbelieving world.

That’s where the light of Jesus shines the brightest.

I open the jar and free the lightening bugs underneath a shadowy sky.

I realize God does the same with us.

He twists the top and sets us free.

He releases us back into a cold world.

They too need the warming glow of a Savior.

There, we can share the light of Jesus with those who remain in the dark.

How can you share the light of Jesus with someone today?

Written for you with love,


  1. I love your comparison of the lightning bugs shining their light on the night to us shining the light of Jesus on the Kingdom. It's true. I'm sure if my light shined today, but yours did :)

  2. You love to show off your imagery skills! Lightning bugs, man your creative! I love this. How we must show our light, we can't hide them, becuase through Jesus, we are the light! The only day it will truly be dark,is when Jesus comes back. How dark them days will be. That's why we must shine as you wrote. I loved this. Good job Kelli