Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seeing God in the Little Things By Kelli Zaniel

Darkness is quiet nothingness existing in a pitch-black space. It covers things we know are there but can’t see. It makes us anxious and vulnerable… especially, when you’re five years old.

Two nights ago, I kissed my daughter’s velvety cheek, tucked her underneath a patchwork quilt, and turned off the overhead light. Before the door touched the frame, high pitched squeals echoed throughout the house.

The lights flickered on. I saw drops of fear welling up in the corners of her baby blue eyes. “I’m scared!” “I miss daddy,” she gasped. Trickles of emotion flooded her face.

I called my husband and lightly pressed the phone to her ear.

She heard the reassuring vocals of her daddy. She clung to each word for dear life. To her, his voice was the oxygen in a room without air.

She patted her tiny hand over her heart as if to say, "I love you" without words. Her sobbing subsided.

Calmness cupped her little girl face as her eyelids began to flutter. She drifted off to sleep.

Even though she didn’t physically see or touch her daddy, his familiar words provided the peace, security, and assurance she needed.

I crack a smile as I am reminded of my relationship with my heavenly daddy. I can’t visibly see Him; I can’t physically touch Him; but His voice and His words soothe my soul and my nerves.

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you,” 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV).

My Heavenly Father breathes light into any dark place.

He is the nightlight that makes a room feel safe.

He is the soft voice that soothes a restless heart.

He is the tender touch on the small of our backs that make us feel secure.

We are never alone in the dark when we have Jesus.

That night as I snuggled underneath my covers, I clasped my hands and thanked God for allowing me to notice Him in the little things. The little things are usually where the biggest faith lessons come from.

As you rush through your busy day, remember nothing mends, soothes, or comforts like the sweet sound of a Savior pressed against your ear and your heart.


  1. So true! Why do we even bother going anywhere else to get the comfort that can only come from Him! A great reminder for my already busy day. Love you!!

  2. What is your name?? Your are really good. I loved this article. You are so right, I don't have to see God to know He's there. I just want to hear His voice. Thankyou for this!

  3. lovely post!