Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Home that Jesus Built for Me, By Heidi Avery and Kelli Zaniel

The Bible tells me that Jesus is preparing a very special home just for me,

My mind wanders up high above the sky into the heavens to imagine just what I might see.

Eyes closed tight, no peeking allowed,
Look, there are Noah and the animals up on that cloud!

I see Abraham, Elijah, David and Paul
Will I really get to play with them all?

I begin to hear the loud trumpets ringing,
And the chorus of heavenly Angels are ever so sweetly singing…

“Welcome precious child, we’ve been waiting for you,
Come see your eternal home where there is nothing you can’t do!”

Walk this way child, claim your promises here,
This is ALL for you, there is nothing to fear.

There are 12 marvelous gates, each one made of a single perfect pearl,
I gaze up at their beauty, my mind spins in a whirl.

And the streets, how they sparkle, made of the purest gold,
what an awesome and wonderful sight to behold!

Heaven’s brilliant sky swiftly catches my eye,
Silver lined with diamonds and rubies invite me way up high.

These stones, how they shimmer and shine,
I am so happy I can claim this as mine!

Suddenly, from the distance I feel a familiar warmth drawing me in
Could it be the forgiver of all my sin?

The closer I get, my hands begin to raise,
It IS Him, the face of my God I will forever praise!

You see in heaven, the King of Kings will reign in all His glory,
but that is not the end of this treasured story.

The never-ending water of life is pure and clear as glass,
Every thing God promised has come to pass.

There will be no need for this earthly moon or sun,
We will live in the light provided by the glory of the Holy One,

So keep your eyes closed and imagine God's grace,
You'll never know a more majestic place!

In heaven, you are never hungry, thirsty or tired,
Only a child-like heart is required.

God will wipe away the last tear you will ever shed,
There will be no sadness here, find only joy ahead!

Just take hold of your heavenly Father’s right hand
And walk through the gates into this new and glorious land.

I open my eyes as if waking up from a dream
A smile crosses my face and so it may seem, that Jesus and I make a great team!

One day soon those who believe in God will see
the home that Jesus built for you and me!

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