Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"She," by Kelli Zaniel

She stands in the shadows. Her dark sky is now a different shade of gray. She stands alone as nighttime swirls around her. It snaps back at her. She hears chains of guilt rattling behind her.

Shame befriends her. It smudges itself on her. It fans the flames around her.

She feels as if the word “GUILTY” is glued to her pink t-shirt. It is one-size fits all.

A gigantic letter “G” positions itself front and center, visible to everyone. People on the street, as well as people in the pews, point their judgmental fingers at her shaking them from side to side as if they know better. It sticks like tar and doesn’t rub off. Seemingly, it fits well.

This cardboard sign of shame is unattractive. It makes her feel dirty. It makes her feel vulnerable.

Is this sticky label of guilt strung around her neck to serve as an excruciating reminder of all the things she did wrong? Things she didn’t do? Things she should have done?

An empty world brands her with permanent tattoos that sting. She is labeled as, less than; not good enough; worthless; expendable; and insignificant.

Does “She” sound familiar? Have you ever been She?”

She is a woman just like you and me. She is a woman learning how to choose faith instead of fear. She is allowing God to change a painful past into a promising future. She is becoming the woman God designed her to be.

In the midst of her pain, she doesn’t give up. She allows Jesus to flip over her ordinary cardboard label tied with her ordinary string. Jesus turns her “G” for guilty, into a “G” for grace. He turns her mess-up into a do-over. She is no longer typical but rare.

She is now secure, stink-free, forgiven and significant in the eyes of her maker.
She is redeemed.
She is set free.
She is a member of God’s precious girl’s club forever.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus,” (Romans 8:1, NLT).

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