Monday, August 9, 2010

"Did God Really Say That?" Kelli Zaniel

Why is a lie so much easier to believe than the truth? Why do I fall victim to the slippery, slithering hisses of the devil? Dishonesty, unreliability and uncertainty are his weapons of choice.

Eve knows a little something about deception. The devil slithers into her life and chokes her with the first lie ever told. “Did God really say that?” he taunts. At this pivotal moment in the Garden of Eden, the King of Deception twists God’s words around in order to cast doubt on God’s goodness (see Genesis 3). The lie looks, tastes and smells too good for a girl to pass up.

“You won’t really die if you eat this fruit,” the devil says. The subtle whispers of temptation into Eve’s unsuspecting ear, gives the devil room to strike. He then capitalizes on Eve’s uncertainty by diverting her attention to the prize instead of the penalty. She is convinced. She is lured in by temporary satisfaction. She is deceived into believing the worst about God.

I am ordinary. I am just like Eve. Why would I think I am immune to the devil’s venomous sprays of poison into my own life? Do you see patterns in your life where the cunning snake suffocates you?

Constricts you?

Misleads you?

Lies to you?

Tricks you? Into believing you are under his spell?

When insecurity brushes my face, uncertainty snaps its fingers and insignificance beats on my door, I WILL remember God’s Words. I will reach for MY weapons of choice. What are your weapons of choice going to be the next time the adversary comes slithering by you?

If we spot Satan sliding across our alarm clock when it is time to wake up with Jesus, lurking around our T.V. set when there’s a program on we shouldn’t watch, switching to strike pose when we are tempted to scream at the child using a toilet plunger as a cup, there are two things we must say. “No thank you snake, I refuse to acknowledge you today.” “I will not be bitten or defeated by you so please just go away.”

So, Armor up girls because today maybe hard. There might be some unexpected bumps in your daily routine. The serpant may slither in through a door of opportunity when you least expect it. When you feel overwhelmed, insecure or hurt, just remember Satan is just a legless lizard that has no power over you!

“I am redeemed” (Col. 1:14); God never forgets about me because My name is written on the palm of His hand (see Is. 49:16); He knows me because He calls me by name (see Is. 43:1); I am God’s girl (see John 1:12); I am the servant girl God turned into a princess.

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  1. I love the fact that "Satan is just a legless lizard that has no power", puts him right in his place!!