Friday, August 20, 2010

"Believe," By Kelli Zaniel

When your storm is raging,
Believe Jesus will calm it.

When you feel lost,
Believe He knows where to find you.

When you can’t see in front of you,
Believe He has prepared a way for you.

When you feel alone,
Believe God is with you wherever you go.

If you think He has forgotten you,
Believe He never could.

When you feel like giving in,
Believe He will never give up.

When you can’t breathe,
Believe He will give you breath.

When you turn your back on Him,
Believe you can always return to Him.

When tears bubble over and stream down your face,
Believe He will wipe them away.

When you feel as if you have no friends,
Believe you will always have one in Jesus.

When you seek Him,
Believe you will find Him.

When you feel weak,
Believe He will make you strong.

When you feel insignificant,
Believe He makes you significant.

When you feel you have no strength left,
Believe the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is available to you.

When you rewind the past,
Believe He wants you to forget the former things.

When you feel cast aside,
Believe you are hand-picked by God.

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