Sunday, February 7, 2010

"As I Wake" by Heidi Avery

As I wake to this new day,
fix my eyes Lord, lest I stray.

Hear my prayers; I wait on my knees;
for your wisdom, your will to be seen.

Move ahead, make my path clear,
liven your Spirit, stay ever near.

Take my worries; give me your peace,
may I live in your presence, make my faith increase.

Invade my thoughts; hold them captive to you,
transform me Lord make me new.

Be my refuge from all my fears
give me courage and strength to persevere.

Rescue me from myself, wrong roads I do take,
convict me, forgive me, cover my mistakes.

Prune me, cut away all that is useless and dead,
fill me with your fruit, so in your ways I am led.

Use me today, send me where ever you want me to go
equip me Lord to make your Kingdom grow.

And when this day comes to an end,
grant me rest until I wake to find you again.

1 comment:

  1. That's beautiful, Heidi!
    I want to memorize that poem!