Friday, December 18, 2009

"Finding God in a Hair Cut," By Kelli Zaniel

As I sat comfortably in the salon chair, I pulled out my book and began to read. I heard the clappety-clapping of high heel shoes approaching my chair. I looked up and saw my stylist, Jennifer, standing over me rolling my hair with more color and foil. She asked, “What book are you reading?” I told her I was reading, “Experiencing God Around the Kitchen Table,” by Marilyn Blackaby. “Oh, that sounds interesting, what is the book about,” she asked? “It is about becoming more intimate in your personal relationship with God,” I replied. I added, “Her husband, Henry Blackaby wrote, ‘Experiencing God,’ and that book totally changed my life.” She replied, “That is exactly what I need... something to change my life.” Another customer grabbed her attention and she was gone. I quietly prayed, “God, I am really loving this book and I am only in chapter 2, but if you want Jennifer to have it, will you please let me know?” I didn’t want to hand over my treasured book if she was just going to discard it with the rest of the freshly cut hair!

Jennifer returned for a shampoo and rinse. Before she even turned on the water, her quest for information continued… “These books about God, where can I get one?” I thought to myself, “Okay, God I hear you!” After the primping was done, I handed Jennifer the book and said, “God wants you to have this book.” She joyfully accepted the gift and said, “I will start reading it tonight!”

When I woke up that morning, I was not expecting to be used by God. I was just excited to go to the salon, sit and read quietly and have someone else brush my hair for a while! God’s plan that day was different than mine. He always takes the initiative to call us. In the midst of our daily routine, He brings us to himself and then uses us to accomplish His work. “I chose you to go and bear fruit," (John 15:16); and I will, “instruct the way chosen for you," (Ps. 25:12).

God took the initiative to call Simon and Andrew while they were casting their nets into the Sea of Galilee. Jesus intentionally walked by the Sea to extend a personal invitation to the hard working men. “Come follow me,” (see Mark 1:16-17) he said. The men immediately released their nets and followed Jesus.

One day, ole Levi was hanging around at the loathed tax collectors booth performing his monotonous duties. Jesus came strolling by and said to Levi, “Come follow me.” Levi recognized his divine appointment and went with Jesus, (see Mark 2:14).

The stories of the Bible reveal that God calls His people in the middle of their daily routines--most times, when they least expect it. There are no limitations with Him. When I think of the times God stirred my heart, I wasn’t doing anything spectacular. I was cleaning dishes in my pj’s; unloading a pile of laundry; and getting an over-priced hair cut. I am sure that when Simon, Andrew and Levi woke up that morning, they never expected a divine appointment with the “light of the world.” They never expected that their lives would be changed forever by not only following Jesus but "knowing Him."

After God calls us, then we are responsible for the adjusting. When God called, I was responsible for giving my book away; Simon and Andrew were responsible for casting their nets aside; and Levi was required to leave his job as a tax collector. There may be some adjustments needed in the lives of God’s children before He can accomplish His purpose in and through us. However, once the adjustments are made, expect to be significantly changed by God's transforming power!

When we make our thoughts and responses, “obedient to Christ,” (2 Cor. 10:5-6) we will bear maximum fruit and God will be glorified…(not to mention the radical blessings we will receive as a result of our obedience)!

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