Monday, October 26, 2009

"Got Trouble?" By Kelli Zaniel

Got trouble? God has a solution! If you “devote your heart to him, stretch out your hands to Him; and lift your face without shame, you WILL stand firm without fear,” (Job 11:13-15). If you do this, you WILL forget your troubles and your life will be, “brighter than noonday and darkness will become like morning,” (Job 11:17). When I find myself in a heated match against overwhelming circumstances and puffy white smoke begins to trickle out of both ears, all I have to do is simply abide in God’s Truth…

1. Devote my heart to Him;
2. Extend my hands to Him and reach for Him; and
3. Allow Him to be the, “lifter of my head,” so that I can lift my face without shame.

Take the focus off of your small tidal wave of momentary troubles by remembering the following verse. “Forget what is behind you and press on toward what is ahead in God’s perfect plan for you,” (Phil. 3:13). What you are experiencing is in the past. Isn’t it comforting to know that God stands in our past, our present and our future? I need to make a correction. God isn’t just passively standing in our past, present and future, He is carrying us, He is holding our hand, He is guiding us and He is walking alongside of us as we experience the highs and lows of life. His perfect love cannot and will not give me second best!

Lord, give me the words to say today when I feel discouraged, angry, happy or sad. Psalm 81:10 teaches that if I, “open my mouth, you will fill it.” Thank you for not leaving me to go through my struggles alone. Thank you for listening when I call upon you (see Jer. 29:12). Teach me YOUR way so that I will walk in YOUR truth all day long (Ps 86:11); Help me to find reassurance today in the truth that, “great is your love for me,” (Ps. 86:13) and that is all I need!

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